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Fulton County Jail

Rapper Young Thug is facing new RICO charges involving a machine gun, drugs and gang activity.

The Fulton County District Attorney's Office filed new charges in Fulton Superior Court on Friday, August 5.

The new indictment charges Young Thug with possessing a Glock handgun equipped with a switch that converts it into a machine gun capable of firing 100 rounds of ammunition in less than 30 seconds.

Young Thug, real name Jeffery Williams, was arrested in May and charged with conspiracy to violate Georgia's Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO).

26 alleged gang members affiliated with Young Thug's Young Slime Life (YSL) street gang were also arrested. Rapper Gunna turned himself in and is facing a single RICO charge.

The co-conspirators were employees of Young Stoner Life Records, Thugga's record label based in Atlanta.

They have all been jailed without bond since their arrests.

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Fulton County Sheriff

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis' office told WSB-TV the new indictment includes all 28 defendants and focuses on criminal activities committed by YSL, which was founded by Young Thug and two others.

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Willis called Young Thug's YSL "a hybrid gang that operates here in Atlanta and it's an affiliate of the Bloods gang."

She said the gang was responsible for 80% of the violent crimes and murders in the Atlanta area.

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Getty Images

Instagram + Twitter blogger Free (@Gotcitytea) is dropping hot tea about a snitch rapper in Atlanta.

She wrote: "A rapper is helping the Atlanta police department take down everyone because he don't like how Atlanta has turned out. It was supposed to be a place for blacks to thrive."

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Good guesses right off the top would be Chicago drill rapper Lil Durk or Atlanta rap mogul T.I. "Tip" Harris. Everyone already suspects them of being snitches.

The snitch rapper has to be a family man who is unhappy with the direction the city is going in.

Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Rapper Gucci Mane moved to Miami with his family just before the tidal wave of Chicago gangsters arrived in Atlanta.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

Rapper Future may not be your idea of a traditional family man, but he still has a gang of kids and he wants what's best for them.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Rapper Jeezy recently welcomed a daughter with his wife Jeannie Mai. He wants his wife to be able to walk the streets safely.

Then there's rap mogul Ludacris who has four daughters to worry about.

It's hard to say who the snitch rapper is.

Here are Twitter's top guesses (in no particular order):

1. T.I.
2. Jeezy
3. Killer Mike
4. Ludacris
5. Big Boi
6. Offset
7. Gucci Mane
8. Future Hendrix
9. Lil Baby
10. Lil Durk

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Georgia's top prosecutor Fani Willis is set to announce charges against drill rapper Lil Durk soon.

According to MTO News, Durk's legal team is preparing for a possible criminal indictment against their client.

An insider told MTO News, "Durk's lawyers say that Georgia prosecutors have arrested people [associated with Durk's label] OTF and are offering them deals to flip on Durk."

The insider continued, "It's only a matter of time before someone [flips] and accepts a deal to implicate Durk."

Corbis via Getty Images

The insider continued: "They're trying to link Durk to a gang. He's not with a gang. OTF is a label not a gang."

That's the same argument Young Thug's attorneys made about his Young Slime Life (YSL) record label and his alleged Young Stoner Life (YSL) gang.

Rappers Young Thug and Gunna are currently being held in jail without bond until their trials in January 2023.

Street sources say Durk is the leader of the Only Trey Folks (OTF) gang, a branch of the Black Disciples gang in Chicago.

Durk, real name Derrick Banks, seems to know his time is running out. He deactivated his Instagram page over the weekend, but he reactivated it on Monday to earn some cash.

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The 29-year-old Chicago native posted a Marc Jacobs campaign photo on IG on Monday before locking his page down again.

The image shows him modeling clothing from Marc Jacobs' Monogram Fall 2021 Collection.

Durk wears the woven Italian denim oversized jeans (retail $495), a white monogram oversized hoodie ($395), and he accessorized with a monogram denim large tote handbag (retail $350).

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WBS-TV, Getty Images

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has struck fear into the hearts of Atlanta area rappers and their fans.

As you know, Willis locked up rappers Young Thug and Gunna, as well as 26 of their associates on RICO racketeering and gang charges. She blamed the gang for 80% of violent crimes committed in Georgia.

Now Willis tells a Channel 2 Action News reporter to expect two more "high profile" RICO racketeering charges over the next 60 days.

Rap fans in Atlanta were mortified at the news that two more of their faves will soon be locked up with Young Thug and Gunna.

Some fans speculate that the unlucky rappers could be Gucci Mane, Lil Durk, or Lil Baby.

One Twitter user wrote: "I'm praying to god it's not Gucci and baby ... or even f*cking Dirk since he stay out there."

Another person tweeted: "Every rapper in Atlanta ain't getting no sleep for two months."

And a third Twitter person: "Damn she tryna tear Atlanta down."

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Fulton County Jail

Lil Durk, a notorious gangster-turned-rapper from Chicago, is currently awaiting trial on an attempted murder charge in Atlanta.

According to sources, he has since moved again after becoming a target of a home invasion in 2021.

Several masked men broke into his home in Braselton and exchanged gunshots with his girlfriend India. No one was hurt.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Atlanta rapper Gunna received more bad news during a virtual court appearance in Fulton County, Georgia on Thursday.

Gunna was indicted on RICO gang charges along with rapper Young Thug and 26 others in May. A magistrate judge denied Gunna's request for a bond and handed the decision to a superior court judge. That judge denied Gunna's bond again on Thursday.

John Parra/Getty Images

Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, turned himself in on May 11. He is housed at the Fulton County Jail, while Young Thug was transferred to the notorious Cobb County Detention Center near Atlanta on May 13.

A prosecutor called Gunna a "commander" of the Young Slime Life (YSL) street gang with the power to order hits on people.

According to WSB-TV's Michael Seiden, Gunna offered to pay a $750,000 cash secured bond, forfeit three properties, put up his parents' homes for bond, and allow prosecutors to record all of his phone calls.

But the judge denied all of the proposed terms.


In a typed letter released on his social media accounts in June, Gunna said he was an innocent man.

"I don't have my freedom. But I am innocent," he wrote in the 2-page letter posted on his Instagram page on June 14.

He said, "the picture being painted of me is ugly and untrue," and he stated that he has "faith that God will grant me justice for the purity in my heart and the innocence of my actions.

He also addressed Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis using his rap lyrics against him in the RICO case:

"As a Black man in America, it seems as though my art is only acceptable when I'm a source of entertainment for the masses. My art is not allowed to stand alone as entertainment, I'm not allowed that freedom as a Black man in America."

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Fulton County Sheriff's Office

The mother of a DeKalb County teenager who threatened the lives of the Fulton County Sheriff and his wife spoke out in defense of her son.

Quartavius Mender, 18, was arrested after he allegedly made several death threats toward Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat and his wife, Jacki Labat.

According to 11Alive News, the teenager demanded the release of rapper Young Thug, who is being held in the Cobb County Detention Center on felony RICO racketeering charges.

"#freethug or Imma sh00t u and your wife," Mender wrote, according to arrest warrants reviewed by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He allegedly wrote on the sheriff's Instagram page, saying, "Imma assassinate you."

Erika Goldring/WireImage

Young Thug (pictured) and rapper Gunna are among 28 people charged in a sweeping 88-page indictment last month.

Mender is charged with 23 counts of making terroristic threats toward the sheriff and his wife in several social media posts in May.

"We've known about these threats for a week or so," Sheriff Labat told Shelley Wynter, co-host of WSB Radio's "Word On the Street," on Friday.

"These were public social media threats. I call it cyberbullying. It was on our social media - both mine, my wife's, as well as the public Fulton County Sheriff's Office social media. Mostly on Instagram."

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Labat added: "I signed up for this. But, you cross the line when you start talking about my family, my wife... How smart can you be to threaten the sheriff? You know how I am about my wife. We're not taking anything for granted."

Mender's mother, Malaika Kulenga, and his sister, Deniecia Kelly, told 11Alive that Mender has a history of bipolar disorder, for which he is being treated. They said he is not connected to any gang.

11Alive also spoke with Mender on the phone from the jail. He said that even though his cousin, who shares the same last name, is among the alleged gang members indicted along with Young Thug, he has never been close to that cousin.

Mender insists he didn't make any death threats on Instagram.

11Alive asked Mender why he thinks investigators traced the death threats to him.

"I really don't know. It wasn't me," Mender said. "I'm not a part of no gang, I'm not a part of YSL, I'm not part of nothing."

Mender's mother and sister think investigators are charging anyone they think can testify against Young Thug or Gunna, the alleged ring leaders of Young Slime Life street gang.

"Young Thug don't know him," Deniecia Kelly said of her brother. "He don't know Young Thug. He don't know nobody. They can't trace a phone call or a message or nothing with anybody affiliated with YSL."

"My son is really a person that really needs help," Mender's mother, Malaika Kulenga, said. "Right now, what they're doing is trying to put him in this situation, but he has nothing to do with it. He can't tell them anything because there's nothing to tell. There's nothing. So he's not a part of any gang, he's not a gang member."

Mender is being held without bail in the Fulton County Jail.

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Getty Images

An Atlanta judge denied bond for rapper Gunna during a bond hearing on Monday, May 23.

Gunna, real name Sergio Kitchens, will remain jailed until his trial in January 2023. The rapper pleaded not guilty at the hearing. This is the second time he has been denied bond since his arrest on May 13.

A prosecutor called Gunna a "commander" of the Young Slime Life (YSL) street gang with the ability to order hits on people.

Prosecutors also filed to have Gunna's attorney, Brian Steel, removed, citing conflict of interest, because he represents others charged in the case.

According to WSB-TV's Michael Seiden, Gunna's attorney proposed the following terms of bond:

  • House arrest with electronic monitoring

  • $750,000 cash secured bond
  • Forfeiture of three properties
  • Gunna's parents put up their homes to secure bond
  • Allow prosecutors to record all phone calls

The judge denied all of the proposed terms.

Prince Williams/Wireimage[/caption

Young Thug (left) and Gunna are among 28 people arrested and charged with racketeering and gang activity in Atlanta.

Prosecutors accused Thug of being the ringleader of a violent street gang responsible for over 50 murders across Atlanta.

Thug, born Jeffery Williams, was scheduled to appear in court on Monday, but his bond hearing was pushed to June. His bond request was also denied.

Prosecutors transferred Young Thug from the Fulton County Jail to Georgia's notorious Cobb County Jail, where three inmates allegedly died in the past month.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

A trial date has been set for a jury to hear the state's RICO racketeering case against rappers Young Thug (left) and Gunna (right).

Young Thug, real name Jeffery Williams, is expected to appear in court today (May 23) where he will plead not guilty, according to CBS Atlanta affiliate WGCL News.

YSL artist Gunna turned himself in on May 13. He is charged with one count of racketeering. Gunna was booked into the Fulton County Jail.

Their trial date is set for January 9, 2023.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

Thug was arrested on May 9 following a raid on his $2.2 million Buckhead mansion. He is charged with conspiracy to violate the state's Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations ACT (RICO) and gang activity.

Fulton County DA Fani Willis told WSB TV that Thug's Young Slime Life or Young Stoner Life (YSL) street gang are responsible for more than 50 murders and incidents of gun violence across Atlanta dating back to 2012.

Thug is currently sitting in Georgia's notorious Cobb County Jail, where three inmates allegedly died in the past month.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Young Thug's record label/gang, YSL, is blamed for over 50 murders in the Atlanta area, according to the District Attorney.

Thug, real name Jeffery Williams, and rapper Gunna, born Sergio Kitchens, are among 28 people charged in sweeping RICO violation indictments.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

DA Fani Willis said Young Thug (pictured left with Gunna) is the leader of a violent street gang that committed more than 50 murders and gun violence around Atlanta.

Willis told Channel 2 Action News that the gang committed 50 murders and multiple incidents of gun violence dating back to 2013.

Donovan Thomas was named in the 56-count indictment as a murder victim. Thomas was killed outside a barber shop in Atlanta in 2015. Thug is accused of renting a 2014 Infiniti Q50 sedan from Hertz that was used in the murder.

manley099 via Getty Images

"[Thomas' murder is] extremely significant," Willis told WSB-TV. "It occurred back in 2015. And what myself and any law enforcement member can tell you as a result of that the back-and-forth gun violence and murders that have occurred have probably been in excess of 50 since 2015—triggered by that in the back-and-forth between that [YSL] gang and other gangs."

However, Thug's attorney, Brian Steel tells XXL magazine that his client is innocent.

"Mr. Williams has committed no violation of law whatsoever. We will fight this case ethically, legally, and zealously. Mr. Williams will be cleared."

Thug was arrested on May 9 during a raid on his $2.2 million Buckhead mansion. Additional charges were added after investigators found illegal firearms including an assault rifle in the house.

He was transferred from Fulton County to the Cobb County Jail on May 13. He is being held without bond.

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Chloe Bailey is reportedly "devastated" after her boyfriend, rapper Gunna was charged with violating the state's RICO Act.

Gunna surrendered to authorities overnight Wednesday and was booked into the Fulton County Jail. He is facing one charge of violating the RICO Act.

The 28-year-old rapper, real name Sergio Kitchens, faces life in prison if convicted.

A previous post incorrectly stated that Gunna and rapper Young Thug were facing federal RICO charges. They were charged under a state RICO Act.

Faithful Chloe promised to stay loyal to Gunna while he fights the charges.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

The 56-count indictment alleges rapper Young Thug (left) with Gunna (right) committed theft by recieving stolen property, possession of meth, hydrocodone and marijuana with the intent to distribute. Young Thug is already in custody in Fulton County.

One of Chloe's friends told Media Take Out, "Chloe is going to hold [Gunna] down until he gets home."

Halle Bailey, Chloe Bailey at 29Rooms L.A. Grand Opening

The singer is one half of sibling duo Chloe x Halle. They were discovered by singer Beyonce while singing cover songs on YouTube.

Chloe took to Instagram to praise God for giving her the strength to make it through the storm.

"First I started off as a Cocoon were God worked on me but with his grace, love and mercy, even if he is still working on me, I am now a BUTTERFLY."

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Fulton County Sheriff

Rapper Gunna surrendered to authorities in Fulton County, Georgia overnight. Gunna, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, turned himself in around 2:30 a.m. Wednesday, WSB-TV reports.

The rapper was indicted on state Racketeer Influence and Corrupt Organizations violations (RICO Act).

Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

The indictment alleges Gunna (left) and rapper Young Thug (right) committed theft by receiving stolen property, possession of meth, hydrocodone and marijuana with the intent to distribute. Young Thug is already in custody in Fulton County.

Gunna, 28, is expected to appear in court Wednesday morning.

Prince Williams/Wireimage

Thug, who was born Jeffery Williams, was arrested Monday at his Buckhead home. The 30-year-old is accused of conspiring with others to commit a pattern of racketeering activity including obtaining money and property illegally.

The 88-page, 56-count indictment charged the defendants with obtaining money, weapons, and other property through acts of racketeering activity, including robbery, receiving stolen guns, theft, and the unlawful sale and distribution of drugs dating back to 2013.

Thug is accused of renting a vehicle that was used in the 2015 murder of a gang rival.

Young Thug's attorney Brian Steel told Channel 2's Mark Winne he will fight "to my last drop of blood to clear him."

AFP via Getty Images

R. Kelly has been found guilty of sexually abusing women, boys, and girls in a Brooklyn courtroom on Monday.

Kelly was found guilty on nine counts of RICO violations, as well as transporting minor females across state lines for sex, on Monday.

The jury of seven men and five women deliberated for nine hours before returning their verdicts on the evidence against the singer.

Testimony of accusers and prosecution witnesses closed out the month-long trial in Brooklyn, New York.

Pool via Getty Images

During the proceedings, prosecutors told jurors that Kelly used a network of friends and employees to secretly transport minors and women across state lines and control their actions.

Many of the witnesses who took the stand during the trial claimed Kelly had kidnapped them and restricted what and when they could eat. They also claimed he controlled when they could take bathroom breaks.

Kelly's attorneys attempted to discredit the accusers as groupies who who were willing to be used and controlled.

The defense claimed the victims had concocted tall tales about the singer after he refused their advances.

Pool via Getty Images

One of his alleged victims claimed she witnessed the singer performing oral sex on teenage R&B singer Aaliyah, who Kelly illegally wed in a Chicago hotel room in 1994 - when she was only 15.

A former tour manager for Kelly also testified that he bribed a welfare office employee to make a fake ID for Aaliyah, which listed her age as 18.

Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Prosecutors claimed Kelly married Aaliyah in a bid to avoid criminal charges for having sex with a minor. Their marriage was later annulled.

Kelly did not take the stand to testify in his own defense during the trial.

Kelly also faces criminal charges in separate cases from state prosecutors in Minnesota and federal prosecutors in Illinois.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Rapper YFN Lucci will remain in the Fulton County (Atlanta) jail until his trial on murder and racketeering charges. A judge recently denied bond for Lucci who surrendered to police on May 10 on new gang-related RICO charges.

YFN Lucci was among dozens of Bloods gang members named in a 75-page, 106-count racketeering indictment in May.

Lucci, real name Rayshawn Bennett, 29, was previously charged in connection with a murder that occurred in Atlanta last year. He was arrested on January 13, 2021 after turning himself in to police and released on $500,000 bond.

However, Judge Thomas Cox revoked Lucci's bond and remanded him to jail after the prosecutor filed new RICO charges, accusing the rapper of being a gang banger.

"My client is, your honor, an incredibly successful artist that is very well known nationally and even internationally," Drew Findling, Lucci's attorney, told Judge Cox during Tuesday's bond hearing.

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Fulton County Jail

Judge Cox was not impressed. "The defendant will remain in a no-bond status at this time. Additionally, this court revokes any bonds previously issued in this case," Cox said.

The prosecutor's office plans to use a music video that Lucci appeared in, in the racketeering case against him and 11 others.

"We think it sends a very strong message to the public that no matter who you are, you have to follow the law and the rules, and you will be evaluated the same," Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis told Channel 2 investigative reporter Mark Winne.