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A New York jeweler is fighting the Fulton County DA’s office for the return of jewelry seized from jailed rapper Young Thug’s mansion.

Rafaello & Company, a New York jewelry store, filed court papers claiming ownership of all the jewelry seized when Young Thug was arrested for RICO violations in May.

The state also seized Thugger’s luxury vehicles and other valuables during a raid on his Buckhead home.

Gabriel Jacobs, owner of Rafaello & Company, says he is the rightful owner of the jewelry and he wants it back.

The document filed by Jacobs in June claims “the State seized numerous pieces of jewelry. Specifically, much of the jewelry seized belonged to Rafaello & Company (a New York jewelry store that specializes in custom jewelry.”

Jacobs said the jewelry was “loaned” to Thugger and was not rightfully his.

The company said that it could prove the jewelry was loaned to Thug and owned by Jacobs.

Documents filed by Young Thug’s lawyer Brian Steel stated authorities seized $149,426.00 in cash from the house as well as firearms, vehicles, including a Corvette and a Porsche, and 87 pieces of jewelry.

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The jewelry included gold and diamond pendants, bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, a limited edition gold Patek Philippe watch, an engraved Rolex, and other items worth well over $1 million.

Steel even noted that the officers took clothing and other objects with the YSL and Young Slime Life logos on them.

“Officers located and seized from inside the kitchen of Mr. Williams’ 355 Allison Drive residence a green hooded sweatshirt on which there was printed the phrase ‘SLIME OVER S#### Make America Slime Again,'” the document read.