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Nicki Minaj dropped the music video for her new song “Super Freaky Girl.” The song samples Rick James‘ hit “Super Freak.’

In the video, the 39-year-old rapper boasts about her bedroom skills while sashaying around her neighborhood in skimpy attire. She also seduces a neighbor’s husband in her pink kitchen and tools around the neighborhood in a pink Lamborghini.

She raps:

    They can’t be Nicki, they so stupid, I just laugh when they try
    A thong bikini up my a**, I think I’ll go for a dive
    His ex b*tch went up against me, but she didn’t survive
    On applications I write “pressure” ’cause that’s what I apply (Brr)
    P-P-P-Pressure applied, can’t f*ck a regular guy
    Wetter than umbrellas and stickier than apple pie

The music video is uncensored, meaning it’s NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
Nicki Minaj – Super Freaky Girl

SR rated: 1.5/5 roses