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Are you free for the next three days? A company is paying $50 an hour to scroll through TikTok for a total of 12 hours over 3 days.

According to Fox Business, an influencer marketing company called Ubiquitous is looking for a professional TikTok watcher to scroll through TikTok feeds for three days.

The job pays $50 an hour to one lucky candidate. It’s only $600 for three days’ work. But remember, the company is throwing in those aforementioned gift cards to sweeten the pot.

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The binge-watcher will also receive a flexible cellphone holder, a 12-inch ring light and a tripod for their time.

The lucky candidate will be required to scroll TikTok feeds, rank their top 10 favorite videos and re-post them on Instagram or Twitter, all while tagging @ubiquitousofficial in their posts.

Applicants are required to be over 18, he or she must love TikTok, and have an active social media presence.

“Absolutely anyone can apply as long as they have an account on the app,” Ubiquitous senior director of growth Jeremy Boudinet said in a statement.

Click here to apply.