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Kanye West flew too close to the sun and now he’s feeling the heat.

A Vogue magazine spokesperson says neither the magazine nor editor-in-chief Anna Wintour intend to work with Kanye in the future.

Anna Wintour has officially cut ties with Kanye for good after he doubled down on anti-Semitic remarks.

Kanye and Wintour were once very good friends. He opened the door for his ex-wife Kim Kardashian to enter Vogue‘s high fashion world after Wintour snubbed the Kardashians because she thought they were trash.

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Now Kim is part of Anna Wintour’s inner circle and Kanye is out.

“Anna has had enough,” an insider told Page Six. “She has made it very clear inside Vogue that Kanye is no longer part of the inner circle.”

Kanye shrugged off his latest corporate rejection. JP Morgan Chase Bank, Belanciaga fashion house, and others have cut ties with him over his racist views.

Kanye transferred about $140 million cash from JP Morgan Chase Bank to another financial institution.

After attending his daughter North West‘s basketball game Friday night, Kanye stopped to talk to the paparazzi outside.

When asked how he felt about Balenciaga dropping him, Kanye said, “I think people just try to score points.”

He claims the backlash was only happening because of Jewish people bullying him.

“I want to talk about the Jewish comment. It’s actually proving the exact point that I made. So many actors been bullied behind the scenes.”

He also lashed out at Ari Emanuelle, CEO of Endeavour talent agency, who called for all corporations to cancel Kanye.

“So you got Ari Emanuel asking people to not do business with me. That’s how this town been running for so so long. They’ll mute you at all costs.”