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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is a God-fearing man who puts family and country first. The father of three is a shoe-in to win reelection in Florida next month.

But the Democrats are doubling down on their efforts to keep him from running as the 2024 Republican nominee.

The Dems have been trying to dig up dirt on the former prosecutor, and they’ve finally got something.

Apparently, Gov. DeSantis is a real man who doesn’t want to be corrected by women.

Isn’t it shocking?

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On the strength of a single tweet from former President Trump, DeSantis rose from an unknown congressman to winning the governor’s mansion by the smallest margin.

Republican women around the country are warming up to DeSantis who supported his wife, Casey, during her fight with breast cancer.

Women applauded when the governor took on the Biden administration and the CDC during the pandemic. They cheered when he blocked mask mandates for public schools and again when he vowed to “put on the full armor of God” to battle the woke agenda.

But his biggest downfall may be what he said as a young varsity baseball player at Yale.

In the pandemic memoir, What Just Happened: Notes On a Long Year, author Charles Finch recalled that his former Yale classmate would tell dates that he liked Thai food, but he pronounced it “thigh.”

If the woman corrected him, DeSantis would make an excuse to leave.

“He didn’t want a girlfriend who corrected him,” Finch said.

The Democrats may want to pick up their shovels and keep digging.