Photo may have been deleted

An Ohio judge was suspended by the state Supreme Court for “unprecedented” judicial misconduct.

Judge Pinkey S. Carr, a Democrat, was removed from the bench indefinitely and her law license suspended after the Ohio Supreme Court reviewed more than 100 complaints against her.

Photo may have been deleted

The eccentric judge presided over a bench littered with various cups, dolls, memorabilia and other assorted junk.

The former prosecutor is accused of abuse of power for sending defendants to jail when they didn’t show up for court during the COVID lockdowns.

In 2020, Cleveland’s Administrative Court ordered all defendants to stay home during the pandemic.

However, Judge Carr ignored the court’s order and began issuing arrest warrants and bonds of $5,000 or $10,000 for defendants who stayed home.

When a public defender asked Carr to be reasonable, she laughed at him and called him a “little idiot” behind his back.

A local news station ran a report about the arrest warrants, but Carr denied issuing warrants for defendants who didn’t show up to court.

It took 2 years for the justices to indefinitely suspend Carr’s law license by a vote of 5-2. The justices ordered her to immediately “cease and desist” practicing law. She is also suspended from the bench without pay.

Carr will be allowed to reapply for her law license in 2 years.

She blamed her judicial misconduct on “menopause” and “sleep apnea.”

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