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Beyonce sparked wild rumors after she sent a bouquet of flowers to lesbian singer Syd tha Kyd for her “help” in a personal film.

Syd, 30, happily shared a photo of the beautiful bouquet along with the card that read: “Thank you for contributing so much to the film. I’m looking at the footage and you’re incredible… I’m forever grateful – B.”

Syd’s post sparked rampant speculation on social media.

She didn’t share details about the mysterious film. We don’t know if the film was recorded on an iPhone for Beyonce’s personal collection or what.

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Syd, real name Sydney Bennett, is best known as a member of the hip hop collective Odd Future and The Internet.

My sources tell me that Beyonce, 42, plans to take Syd on the road with her when she goes on tour to support her Renaissance album in 2023.

The two artists collaborated on Renaissance‘s eighth track “Plastic Off the Sofa.”

Beyonce is a fierce LGBT+ ally who vocally supported marriage equality for same-sex couples. She also has a fondness for male-identified lesbians.