Photo may have been deleted

Joie Chavis, one of rapper Bow Wow‘s baby mamas, is moving after her Los Angeles area home was burglarized in broad daylight.

The Instagram model-turned-vlogger explained her predicament in a “story time” video on YouTube on Nov. 15.

Photo may have been deleted

“We’re moving out of this house into a new spot,” she said, while her daughter, Shai Moss, expressed her approval.

Joie, 34, also has a 4-year-old son named Hendrix with rapper Future Hendrix, 39.

“Someone broke into my house when I wasn’t home – at 3:41 p.m., to be exact. So that’s in tahe daytime,” she said. “I don’t get how it happens in the middle of the day,” she added.

Joie seemed to suggest the burglary was committed by someone she knew intimately. She said she won’t film her surroundings when they move to their new home.

Her daughter, Shai, chimed in that their house is not easy to find. “The first time we came over here we got lost,” said Shai.

Watch the video below.