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LeBron James paid tribute to Takeoff by copying an outfit the late rapper wore earlier this year.

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James, 37, arrived at arena ahead of the Lakers game on Sunday dressed in a black tailored suit with an exact duplicate of Takeoff’s Jesus piece around his neck.

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Takeoff wore a similar outfit to an event in Atlanta on June 1. He is pictured here with his uncle and fellow Migos member Quavo Marshall.

Takeoff, 28, was killed for his expensive jewelry after leaving a private party hosted by J. Prince Jr. at a bowling alley in Houston on Nov. 1.

The rapper made the fatal mistake of refusing to participate in a dice game at the party.

Quavo participated in the dice game and he reportedly lost between $7,000 and $17,000.

According to DJ Akademiks, the house always wins the dice game. Then the profits are split with gang members who hang out at the party.

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If a rapper refuses to participate in the dice game, he is set up for a robbery by gang members outside. Takeoff reportedly wore $100,000 worth of jewelry to the bowling alley that night.

A robbing crew followed Quavo and Takeoff out of the bowling alley and started a fake argument with Quavo to distract him while they surrounded Takeoff.

When Quavo’s half brother pulled a gun to protect Takeoff, a firefight ensued and Takeoff was fatally shot in the crossfire.

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The Migos are members of an Atlanta gang called YRN – short for “Young Rich Ni–as.”

But rather than commit crimes, YRN is focused on music and making money. For this reason, they are dubbed “studio gangsters.”

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Social media is flooded with death threats targeting J. Prince’s Mob Ties and associates.

One person wrote on social media on Sunday, “[There’s no time limit on revenge.] Them YRN steppers [are on their way right now] to the airport to book a flight out to Houston…”

Others suggested the Houston police are on J. Prince Jr’s payroll and that’s why there have been no arrests nearly a week after Takeoff’s murder.