Photo may have been deleted

A second video reportedly shows the moment Shanquella Robinson was murdered by another woman in her traveling group.

Robinson, 25, died within 24 hours after arriving in Cabo, Mexico with a group of six “friends.”

The new video allegedly shows a woman body slam Robinson to the floor after she was brutally beaten by another woman while she was “naked and defenseless.”

Apparently, the second video shows the moment Robinson was grabbed by her neck and body slammed to the floor.

The second video, which was not uploaded to the Internet, prompted the FBI to join the investigation into Robinson’s death.

Photo may have been deleted

Family members who viewed the second video say Robinson “stopped moving” after she was body slammed to the floor. Her father, Bernard, said he believes the second video shows his daughter’s murder.

A third video shows a woman walking around the villa, saying, “It don’t take that long to get naked h*es. Where y’all at?”

The video was shared on The Neighborhood Talk Instagram page with a caption identifying Robinson as the woman behind the camera.

Mexican authorities upgraded Robinson’s case to a homicide investigation. The U.S. State Department, which initially swept the case under the rug, is also now investigating.

Robinson’s family said her friends told them she died from “alcohol poisoning.” But an autopsy report showed she suffered a broken neck and damage to her spinal cord.

Both women who attacked Robinson have been doxxed online. Their names, addresses, phone numbers, employers, and even birth certificates are all over the Internet.

Photo may have been deleted

There have been no arrests in the case.

Robinson will be laid to rest in Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend. A wake will be held before the funeral from 11 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Nov 19. The funeral will take place at Macedonia Baptist Church in Charlotte on Saturday.

Photo may have been deleted

Robinson’s family and supporters are mystified that the mainstream news media — which loudly promoted Black Lives Matter — have not reported the story.

Tamron Hall retweeted Jemele Hill’s post, writing:

“Shanquella and her family are owed justice. I’ve done enough reporting on crimes solved and so called cold cases to know this should be getting more national attention. Who gets to be the headline?”

Jemele Hill wrote:

“I can’t imagine the pain #ShanquellaRobinson’s family must feel. But this is an example of how citizen journalism — asking pointed questions and refusing to accept the “official” story. I pray there is justice and her family finds some semblance of peace.…”