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No arrest has been made in the Shanquella Robinson murder case days after Mexico authorities issued an arrest warrant.

Mexico seeks to extradite the suspect back to the country to face criminal charges.

Rumors spread over the weekend that Robinson’s alleged killer was taken into custody in Charlotte, North Carolina. But as of Monday, there has been no arrest, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

Robinson, a 25-year-old hair braider, was killed 24 hours after she arrived in Cabo, Mexico with six people.

She was alive for at least three hours after a doctor was called to a rental villa on October 29. She was pronounced dead after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Photo may have been deleted

Robinson’s travel group initially told police and her parents that she died from “alcohol poisoning.” But a death certificate listed spinal cord injury and a broken neck as the cause of death.

Daniel de la Rosa Anaya, a prosecutor for the state of Baja California Sur, issued an arrest warrant after viewing a video that showed a person savagely assaulting Robinson in the villa.

The prosecutor said she was a victim of “direct aggression” by a friend of hers.

Photo may have been deleted

Prosecutors did not name the suspect, but did say that they have been in contact with U.S. diplomats and Mexican federal prosecutors to return the suspect to Mexico.

Robinson’s case has garnered international attention, with many social media users calling for the arrests of all six people who were the last to see Robinson alive.

Robinson’s mother, Sallamondra, thanked social media users for keeping her daughter’s name in the news and motivating authorities to investigate the case after they originally swept the case under the rug.