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Male-to-female transgender Ts Madison name-dropped your auntie in yet another hostile attack against women.

Madison reacted when social media users speculated that the person who attacked Shanquella Robinson in a leaked video may be an MtF trans.

Twitter users pointed to the person’s bone structure and masculine mannerisms as proof that the person may be trans. Nowhere on this blog did your auntie say the person was trans.

In an unhinged post on Twitter, Madison wrote:

“Now why would someone even Start that kinda lie on A Trans Person and you people IMMEDIATELY believe that bogus shit???

That was NOT TRU!!
NO TRANSGENDER WOMAN beat #shanquellarobinson to Death… it was one of HER OWN!
You people immediately ran with that lie. [sic]”

The trans community checked Madison for causing even more division between biological women and trans by using the words, “it was one of HER OWN.”

Twitter users asked Madison to define what “her own” means.

Madison stuttered and danced around the question before dragging your auntie into their mess to deflect from their own ignorance.

Now it’s an issue because Madison’s own words are problematic for the LGBT+ community.

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Madison claims to be a trans “woman” when its convenient to do so. But when it seems that a trans person may have committed a violent crime against a bio woman, Madison backtracks and separates themselves from bio women.

Madison claims to be one of us, but constantly attacks biological women, particularly Black female bloggers. Michelle “ATLien” Brown was forced to drag Madison into court to stop the ongoing harassment against her.

The truth is, Madison feels threatened by bio women, whom he constantly refers to as “b*tches” and “hoes” — but we remain silent and give him more clicks and views.

Where is the public discourse on Madison’s violent language directed at women?

When is the mainstream media going to check Madison for his hateful, vitriolic misogyny against women?

I never said the person who attacked Shanquella was trans. I simply reported what others were saying.

One of my readers summarized my post perfectly. Dissscuss wrote:

“I read this blog most days, did I miss something? Auntie hasn’t ever asserted anything, she’s stated what’s been reported, what is rumored, etc. Who is this lady and why is she so angry? Prolly mad her comments section isn’t poppin like it is here in the garden.”

Seek therapy, Madison.