A 12-year-old football player who shows signs of premature aging has sparked frenzied debates on Twitter.

Jeremiah Johnson, from Fort Worth, Texas, went viral on Twitter after his team won the 2022 Youth National Championships in Miami over the weekend.

A Twitter user shared a photo of Jeremiah sporting a mustache and tattoos, while holding his MVP trophy. The Twitter user captioned the image, “Aint no f—ing way this person 12 [sic].”

As the debate raged on social media, Generation NEXXT, a national youth sports school and network in Fort Lauderdale, Fla, shared photos of Jeremiah – starting when he was 10 – and just beginning his accelerated growth spurt.

Twitter users still refuse to believe the boy is just beginning puberty.

Accelerated aging in children can be caused by genetic disorders or hormone disorders that cause premature aging and accelerated growth.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Tyreek Hill is among those who doubt Jeremiah’s age.