Photo may have been deleted

Rihanna gave fans the first “official” look at her 7-month-old son in a new TikTok video on Saturday. readers previously saw the first photo of her adorable son soon after he was born on May 13.


The baby is the first child for RiRi and rapper A$AP Rocky, both 34. They still won’t share the boy’s name for security reasons.

In the video, the baby laughs while his mother is heard in the background saying, “You tryna get mommy’s phone?”

Later, the adorable infant yawns as he looks out a car window while strapped securely in a car seat.

“Hacked,” Rihanna captioned the video.



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Photo may have been deleted

A Rihanna fan page apparently scooped all the blogs by leaking a photo of RiRi feeding her adorable newborn son back in May.

The fan page captioned the sweet image: “My Queen @badgalriri.”

Some fans swore the child in the photo was not Rihanna’s baby, but we knew he was, didn’t we?

Rihanna and A$AP both said they plan to raise their son to be “open-minded” and to embrace “diversity and versatility”.

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The Metrosexual rapper, who has worn dresses and makeup in the past, said he hopes to raise more “open-minded children” with Rihanna.

“I hope to raise open-minded children. Not people who discriminate,” the rapper told Dazed magazine.

“And I’m not trying to describe a saint, but realistically, I just want a cool child with cool parents.”

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Rocky said he wants to raise children who won’t be influenced by society’s gender stereotyping.

“Things like diversity and versatility are important, and they’ll be embedded in [our] household,” he said.

Rocky has spoken out against rampant gay bashing in hip-hop.

“For instance, one big issue in hip-hop is the gay thing,” he told the New York Daily News in an article published in 2013.

He continued:

“It’s 2013, and it’s a shame that, to this day, that topic still gets people all excited. It’s crazy. And it makes me upset that this topic even matters when it comes to hip-hop, because it makes it seem like everybody in hip-hop is small-minded or stupid — and that’s not the case.”

Rocky added:

“We’ve got people like Jay Z. We’ve got people like Kanye [West]. We’ve got people like me. We’re all prime examples of people who don’t think like that.”