Photo may have been deleted

Keke Palmer accidentally revealed her unborn baby’s sex during an appearance on “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Wednesday.

Palmer revealed her pregnancy while hosting Saturday Night Live last month. She is expecting her first child with aspiring actor boyfriend Darius Jackson.
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During her interview with Jimmy Fallon, Palmer unintentionally let it slip out that she’s expecting a “baby boy.”

Photo may have been deleted

“My baby is either gonna be a Pisces or Aries,” she told Fallon, as the audience applauded.

“Let me know guys. I mean, Pisces are known to be very deep,” she said. “They’re emotional creatures. So I just wanna make sure I’m not too blunt for my baby boy.”

“I don’t wanna be too, you know, like, ‘Look, what’s up?'”

She continued: ‘Cause sometimes I can be a little too tell it like it is.”

Others on social media noted Palmer’s pressured speech, also called “pressure of speech.”

Pressured speech is a symptom of bipolar disorder. The person talks faster than normal when they are experiencing a manic episode.

Because they’re speaking so rapidly they say more than they intended to. They often regret having said too much.

Watch the full video below.