Photo may have been deleted

YouTube vlogger Cynthia G has gone on hiatus after her brother reportedly died suddenly.

Photo may have been deleted

Cynthia hasn’t updated her YouTube channel in over 2 weeks, which worries some of her haters in the toxic Manosphere.

She’s still leaving comments on her channel, but she hasn’t uploaded a video in weeks.

Although Cynthia is hated within the Manosphere, her enemies gather intel from her videos bashing Black men. So her absence means they have nothing to talk about now.

Cynthia sparked outrage when she advocated aborting Black male babies.

Here are the typical reactions to Cynthia’s absence on one Monosphere website:

“If her brother died and she doesn’t like black men why the concern? Didn’t she say black males should be aborted. Consider her brother a late abortion.”

“She was advocating abortion for black baby boys, so I don’t care if a firetruck ran over her stupid ass.”

Watch the video below.