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Actress LisaRaye says she learned about retired rapper Da Brat‘s pregnancy when everyone else did.

Da Brat, 48, announced her pregnancy on Tuesday, Feb. 21, on Sherri Shepherd‘s talk show and in a photo gallery on Instagram.

She also revealed her pregnancy in an interview with PEOPLE magazine.
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Da Brat and her life partner Jesseca “Judy” Harris-Dupart are expecting their first child together.

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Judy, 41, reportedly donated the egg for the IVF procedure. Da Brat gave a shout out to her fertility doctor in her Instagram post.

During an appearance on Raquel Harper‘s It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast, LisaRaye said she wasn’t given a heads up about Da Brat’s pregnancy, according to TMZ.

LisaRaye, who recently lost her mom, seemed hurt that Da Brat didn’t confide in her.

“This takes me back… because I’m sure that you have heard of the last, kinda, encounter that we had that went viral,” she said, referring to the tension in the air when Da Brat made a surprise appearance on Cocktails with Queens to wish LisaRaye a happy birthday.

“She came to say happy birthday to me to surprise me, and we hadn’t spoken in so long, and I ended up having to – I guess, what they said – cuss everybody out on the show,” she said.

LisaRaye said she felt “slighted” because people are asking her to comment on Da Brat’s high-risk pregnancy.