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Memphis PD

A Memphis woman is asking for psychiatric help for her son who was arrested for eating 2 bags of potato chips that someone else stole.

The brazen robbery occurred at a Circle K convenience store in Memphis on Feb. 9.

CBS local affiliate WREG in Memphis reported that a man got into an argument with the store manager who refused to sell him beer without valid ID. The man grabbed the rack of chips and loaded the entire rack into his car parked outside the store.

Photo may have been deleted
Memphis PD

Police say that’s when Joseph Braswell, 36, walked out of the store and picked up 2 bags of chips that dropped on the ground.

Braswell, who didn’t have a getaway vehicle, was quickly apprehended by police who observed the evidence – potato chip crumbs – around his mouth.

Braswell was charged with theft of merchandise valued at under $999. He was booked into jail, where he spent several days before he was released on his own recognizance.

Braswell’s mother told WREG her son has a history of mental health problems and he needs psychiatric help.

“I try to get him assessed and every time he goes downtown for something like this, they never assess him,” she said.

Online arrest records show Braswell has a lengthy criminal record that includes charges of domestic assault, driving without a valid license and probation violations.

Liberals on Twitter argued that the two bags of chips were less than $5, and not worth the time or effort for police to arrest Braswell.

One person wrote:

“Wtf?! So thieves can go in and rob a store with goods amounting to $999 and nothing happens. A hungry man eats a bag of chips and gets arrested?! I swear we’re living in the twilight zone!”

Attorney JB Smiley tweeted:

“2000 plus cars stolen in Memphis this year. And we arrest a man for eating stolen chips. Make this make sense!”

But not everyone agreed with Smiley. Law-abiding citizens say stealing is stealing.

A Twitter user wrote:

“Did you stop watching the video before minute 1:40? The Manager is [100%] right, stealing is stealing and making excuses for this behavior is driving every business out of the neighborhood. Hold your constituents accountable for any and all crimes. Period.”

Police are still searching for the thief who stole the rack of chips.

Watch the video below.