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NeNe Leakes loves the gays, but she insists her son Brentt Leakes isn’t a member of the gay community. The mom-of-two clarified her 23-year-old son’s sexuality after Brentt shared a TikTok video that seemed to suggest he prefers back rubs by strong hands.

In the video, Brentt prepared to toss something. He captioned the video: “If I miss I’m gay.”

After deliberately missing the shot, Brentt looked into the camera and snapped his fingers in a flamboyant manner.

@kingbrentt Damn #viral #fyp ? original sound – nudy georges

Brentt was apparently confused after men messaged him on TikTok for a sexual hook up.

NeNe defended her son’s masculinity during an appearance on the Breakfast Club.

“He called me up and was like, ‘Mom, everybody is asking if I’m gay because I did this TikTok video thing.’ And I said, ‘It’s okay if you are gay. It’s fine with me.’ And he was like, ‘Okay. I’m not gay, mom.'”

NeNe said she would be supportive if her youngest son was gay.

“I don’t need to ask him, ‘Are you gay?’ That doesn’t make any sense,” she said. “What I like to say to people is – your happiness is the most important thing right? So, whatever makes you happy. If my son today says he’s gay, I’m 100 percent okay with it… Your happiness is the most important thing, that’s just how I see it.”

Brentt lost about 50 pounds after suffering a stroke late last year. NeNe posted a video explaining he suffered congestive heart failure and a stroke.

NeNe, 55, lost her husband Gregg Leakes to cancer in 2021. The former stripper is also mom to Bryson Bryant from a previous relationship.