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Wendy Williams doesn’t have to resume alimony payments to her unemployed ex-husband, Kevin Hunter, Sr.

In December, Kevin Hunter Sr. filed a lawsuit to force Wendy to resume making his monthly alimony payments despite her dire financial situation at the time.

Wendy’s lawyers filed a motion noting that she was in dire financial straits after she was fired from her popular daytime talk show.

According to court documents obtained by Radar Online, Kevin, 50, claims his ex-wife stopped sending spousal support checks in October 2021. Hunter complained he was “broke” and couldn’t “pay his bills.”

Wendy’s lawyers said she no longer received a steady paycheck in October 2021.

A New Jersey judge dismissed the lawsuit without prejudice this week. The judge ruled that Kevin’s demands were “not emergent,” and also denied his request for Wendy to pay his attorney fees.

That means Kevin will have to pay the attorney’s fees himself.

Even though Wendy won in court this week, things might change in arbitration.

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“The parties are to participate in binding arbitration,” the judge wrote in a statement. “The issues surrounding the severance payments, and the [Qualified Domestic Relations Order] are disputed and therefore need to be mediated.”

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Wendy and Kevin’s son, Kevin Hunter Jr., is accused of stealing money from her Wells Fargo Bank account to finance his lavish lifestyle in Miami.

Kevin Jr. was evicted from a $2 million Miami apartment in December after he fell behind $70,000 in back rent.

Additionally, Wells Fargo froze Wendy’s bank account containing $3 million. A judge later appointed a guardian to watch over Wendy’s money.