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The full video of Michael Irvin’s interaction with a Marriott Hotel employee was released on Tuesday.

The incident occurred on Feb. 5 at the Renaissance Phoenix Hotel in Arizona. Irvin was in town to cover the Super Bowl for the NFL Network when a Marriott employee accused him of sexual harassment.
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The video shows the woman walking through the hotel lobby before heading into a bar in the lobby. Irvin enters the bar behind her and the two walk out into the lobby.

The woman is seen backing up multiple times while Irvin spoke to her. Irvin inched closer to her before touching her arm several times.

Meanwhile, the hotel manager was inside the bar watching the interaction from a short distance away. Irvin’s lawyer said the manager was “angry” with the woman.

Irvin then shook the woman’s hand twice before she walked into the bar and briskly walked away with the manager. The interaction lasted less than 2 minutes.

According to Fox4 News, Irvin turned to an employee and allegedly said “she bad, she bad” followed by a sexual remark. He then slapped himself in the face three times. Irvin’s attorney did not comment on the three slaps.

The woman later complained that Irvin said something inappropriate to her. Irvin’s lawyers said he was only joking with the woman.

Documents state Irvin said something lewd to the woman about sexual intercourse with a big Black man.

“I don’t speak like that. I’ve never spoken like that,” Irvin said at a news conference on Tuesday. “I totally deny saying that.”

Irvin’s attorneys refiled his $100 million dollar defamation lawsuit against Marriott and the hotel employee, moving the case from Texas to Arizona state court.

Irvin’s attorneys say the video makes their case stronger.

“Any rational person can see that this is a setup or an after the fact invention or something to try to cover why that guy up there is mad,” said Irvin’s attorney Levi McCathern, referring to the hotel manager.

Watch the video below.