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Disney’s new remake of the classic Peter Pan, titled Peter Pan & Wendy includes “woke” changes that’s sparked outrage on YouTube and Twitter.

Critics lashed out at Disney for swapping Tinker Bell for a Black fairy.

The remake also includes girls among the lost boys, which differs from the original all-boys plot in the 1904 play by J.M. Barrie.

In the movie, Wendy (portrayed by 13-year-old Ever Anderson) meets up with a gang of unkempt youths on an island who introduce themselves to her as the “lost boys”.

“But you’re not all boys,” Wendy says. To which one of the tomboys responds “So?”

The two rough-and-tumble tomboys are played by 11-year-old twin sisters Kelsey and Skyler Yates.

Fans of the original Peter Pan are furious because Peter Pan is played by Hispanic actor Alexander Molony, 16.

“What have they done to my characters?” one Twitter user groaned.

Photo may have been deleted

Fans are dismayed over the casting of Black actress Yara Shahidi as Tinker Bell, a traditionally Caucasian fairy.

Over 15,000 comments were left under the Disney trailer on YouTube.

One critic wrote: “More like Pedro Pan and Tinkesha Bell.”

Another person wrote, “And this kind of stuff is why Disney lost 123 billion of their market value in 2022.”

While a third person commented: “Cool, Disney trashing another classic by adding the usual woke representation. Lost Boys now include girls? What a surprise…”

Peter Pan & Wendy, which was filmed in 2021, was originally slated for a 2022 release. But the release date was delayed by the pandemic.

Peter Pan & Wendy will premiere on Disney+ on April 28.

Watch the trailer below.