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Actress Raven-Symoné and the cast and crew of her show "Raven's Home" joined LGBT+ Disney workers who walked off the job in protest of Florida's "Parental Rights in Education" bill.

The cast and crew of Raven's Home joined the protest on Wednesday after Disney CEO Bob Chapek walked back comments saying that corporate statements do nothing but divide a company and its customers.

Raven shared a video on Instagram which she captioned:

"In support of our LGBTQ+ family and all of those who will be damaged by the 'don't say gay bill' we the cast of Ravens Home are walking out. In todays world it is imperative that we take stands, show support, and move forward not backwards. Every family every person and every child deserves to be recognized no matter their race, gender, or sexual orientation. Education that reflects the truth and the world we live in is something we must fight for [sic]."

The "Don't Say Gay" bill, aka "Don't Groom kids" bill, prohibits teaching LGBT+ subjects such as gender identity to minor children in grades K-3.

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Gov. Ron DeSantis says the bill's goal is to "empower parents" in their children's education.

The bill's supporters say the law is important because it imposes restrictions on would-be predators who seek out teaching jobs to gain access to minor children.

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Actors Gabrielle Union and Zach Braff star in the Disney+ remake of "Cheaper By The Dozen" which premiered on Friday, March 18.

Union and Braff star as Paul and Zoey Baker, the interracial parents of a large blended family of 10 kids.

Union, who also executive produced the movie, said she normally doesn't do family-oriented movies, but she changed her mind after reading the script.

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"When I first read the script ... I wanted to be a part of something that our whole family could watch together and, you've seen some of my work, I don't do a lot of family-friendly type of stuff. So, I felt not only was it the perfect time for my own family but I think it's the perfect time for all the families who want to see different kinds of folks and different kinds of families reflected and celebrated on screen."

Union, 49, who shares daughter Kaavia James, 3, with husband Dwyane Wade, 40, said she couldn't manage a large family in real life.

"[The kids would be like], 'Mom went to the store, and in six years she hasn't returned!'" she joked.

"I think we are at max capacity at the Wade-Union household and that's why Zoey Baker is a fictitious character!"

See more of the cast members in the video below and check out photos from the Hollywood premiere.


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Zach Braff, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade
Nia Guzman and Royalty Brown

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Christian Cote and Sebastian Cote

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Mykal-Michelle Harris

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Kenya Barris (L) and his wife Rainbow Edwards-Barris

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Kyrie McAlpin and Journee Brown

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Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade took their children, Zaya Wade, 14, and Kaavia James, 3, to the Hollywood premiere of Gabrielle's new movie Cheaper By The Dozen.

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Gabrielle, 49, plays Zoey Baker, mom of a blended family of 12 kids in the Disney remake.

She wore a two piece black and white Altuzarra crop top and long skirt set. Her daughter Kaavia wore a matching outfit with black slippers.


Zaya, Dwyane's child with his first wife, Siohvaughn Funches, was equally stylish in a floral Valentino shorts set, featuring a bandeau top and strappy heels. Zaya accessorized the outfit with a white Valentino handbag.

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Zaya's natural hair was twisted in a tight bun. Zaya and Gabrielle are very close.

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Zaya was noticeably taller at the premiere, and observers noted that the teenager has grown at least 3 inches since October 2021.

Biological males usually go through growth spurts of 3-5 inches a year during puberty, beginning at age 12 until age 16.

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Zaya came out as male-to-female transgender at age 11. Since then, Zaya has been celebrated by LGBT+ groups who are pushing schools to teach gender equality in grades K-12.

States such as Florida and Georgia have passed "Don't Say Gay" laws prohibiting the teaching of LGBT+ subjects in grades K-3.

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Tami Reed

Kelly Rowland served as the Disney Dreamers Academy Ambassador for the program's 15th year milestone at Walt Disney World!

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Tami Reed

The Grammy Award-Winning singer came to impress! According to Atlanta lifestyle blogger Tami Reed, of, Kelly wore a two-piece ensemble by Claudia Li.

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Tami Reed

Kelly is pictured with (L-R) Tomika, Tami, and Kiwi.

Disney Dreamers Academy invited 100 exceptional students from around the world to meet with celebrities, industry leaders, and authors. The students enjoyed a weekend of networking and mentorship from people at the top of their game.

The 15th year milestone at Walt Disney World took place at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida from Thursday, March 3, to Sunday, March 6.

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Here's a story to take your mind off the coronavirus: Disney Plus released the trailer for "Elephant", narrated by Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

The film follows one family of elephants as they make an extraordinary journey across the Kalahari Desert in Africa - an adventure that will change their lives.

The trailer does not feature Meghan's narration, but we all know what she sounds like.

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Meghan and Harry begged Disney chairman Bob Iger to give her a voiceover gig when they met him during the London premiere of the Lion King in July.

Their less than royal behavior was an embarrassment to the royal family and is partly the reason the former royal couple decided to step back from their royal duties to seek fame and fortune on their own.

"Elephant" streams April 3rd on Disney Plus.

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Anthony Mackie has confirmed his character Sam Wilson will become the first Black Captain America in Disney Plus's upcoming series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Chris Evans originally portrayed the iconic superhero in 2011's Captain America: The First Avenger, but his character Steve Rogers passed his iconic shield on to Mackie's Sam Wilson to take the mantle of Captain America at the end of Avengers: Endgame.

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Speaking at the premiere of Altered Carbon, the 41-year-old actor, who is Black, confirmed to website he'll take on the "daunting" task of "being a black man and becoming Captain America".

Mackie said he thinks America is ready to welcome a Black Captain America superhero.

"At this day and age in America, I think we are open-minded to the idea of having my face represent us, as a country," Anthony said. "And my race represent us as a country because we're truly a melting pot. So there is no distinctive look or feel or design of an American. We're all Americans."

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Mackie suggests his Captain America won't reflect his African roots or be too ethnic.

"To be Captain America, I want my Captain America to represent everybody. Not just a specific group of people."

The star also hinted fans will get to know Sam more in the Disney series, which launches in August.

"You really get to know Sam Wilson. You really get to know Bucky Barnes, as individuals and human beings and their thoughts and feelings. So I'm excited for people to see that part of Sam," he said.

He continued: "These shows are very different than the movies. These shows are art pieces. They are individual… They're not origin stories. They're more a day in the life story."