Photo may have been deleted

A popular Mississippi news anchor was fired for repeating a Snoop Dogg lyric that features a variation of the n-word.

Barbie Bassett has not appeared as morning news anchor on NBC News affiliate WBLT since she unwittingly repeated an offensive lyric by Snoop Dogg during a live broadcast.
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Bassett uttered Snoop’s lyric while reporting on a segment about Kroger removing Snoop’s Cali Wine Collection from a display after several customers complained that the signage was “offensive” and “stereotypical”.

Before the segment ended, Bassett, who is white, said “Fo’ shizzle, my nizzle.”

The lyric roughly translates to “For sure, my ni**a.”

Unfortunately, Bassett didn’t consult with her Black co-workers before uttering the slang on air.

It was the second strike for Bassett, according to DailyMail.

Photo may have been deleted

The former beauty pageant queen was reprimanded in October 2022 for uttering a racially insensitive remark to a fellow co-anchor that she later apologized for.

During the October 2022 broadcast, she apologized to viewers, calling her words “insensitive and hurtful” and saying she was going to attend sensitivity training to “better understand our history and our people.”

Bassett has not made a comment or apologized for her most recent faux pas.

Bassett’s Facebook page no longer mentions WLBT news as her employer.