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Proctor & Gamble’s brand Always sanitary products now refer to natural born women as “bodies with female sex organs.”

According to, the new description is included in a puberty kit booklet given to children.

“The 22-page booklet, entitled a ‘Puberty and Confidence Guide for Everyone’, details both female and male puberty developments but at no point mentions ‘boys’ or ‘girls’, instead using ‘people’ or ‘person’.

Conservative parents expressed outrage on Twitter.

One parent tweeted:

“My daughters are not “bodies with female sex organs”

How dare you dehumanise them and refer to them by their body parts

@ProcterGamble we will never buy your products.”

Another person tweeted:

“According to Always, girls aren’t even “people with” miscellaneous body parts. That was bad enough. Now girls and women are down-graded further. Proctor & Gamble see us as just bodies – like cadavers – not sentient. Well, this “body with” a wallet won’t be buying their pads.” wrote:

“It makes no sense. Look, most people have no issues with trans women or their existence. The problem is not the existence of trans women, it is the REMOVAL of all things inherently female and the dehumanization of biological females.”