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Most of us recall gaining our independence by getting a driver’s license as teenagers. We even had Driver’s Education classes in high school.

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It was a rite of passage when a parent handed his child the keys to the family car after she got her driver’s license.

But times have changed.

One high school teacher got backlash for simply asking her high school students why they didn’t care about getting a driver’s license.

The teacher said her questions about getting a driver’s license would “lead to angry parent phone calls, or being fired.”

In a Reddit post titled: “When did students stop caring about getting a drivers license?,” the teacher wrote:

“When I was in high school, we counted the days until we could drive. Now so many students don’t get a license. I don’t think it’s the cost (at least in my area) … they just are completely content having people drive them and don’t want the responsibility. We wanted the freedom. And they can’t be bothered. I… don’t… get… it.”

When Redditors explained that used cars are expensive, the teacher responded:

“I think a lot of people are still missing my point. Not asking why teens don’t buy cars, but why they are not learning how to drive at all. Are they going to learn later, Uber and get rides forever, or do they just all plan for remote work?”

Other Redditors said today’s students are lazy or too preoccupied with social media to care about driving.

Question: Why do you think teenagers stopped caring about getting a drivers license?