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A Farmington, Illinois woman was sentenced last week to 14 years in prison for killing 2 people while driving drunk.

Stephanie Melgoza, 24, is accused of killing Andrea Rosewicz and Paul Prowant while driving under the influence of alcohol in February.

The East Peoria Police Department released body cam video of Melgoza in the ER after the fatal crash.

The video shows Melgoza’s shocking disregard and lack of empathy for her victims.

“So how do I get my car for tomorrow?” she asked an officer who replied that her car was “totaled”.

“So how can I get it to go to school tomorrow?” she asked again.

“You don’t,” he responded.

“I don’t go to school tomorrow is what you’re telling me?” she said.

“No ma’am,” he replied. “You’re going to jail. You don’t have a bond. You killed 2 people tonight.”

Melgoza was a student at Bradley University at the time of her DUI. Students were furious that the school allowed her to graduate after killing 2 people. Her name was removed from a list of people who could attend the graduation ceremony.