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A 15-year-old aspiring rapper, known as “Baby K”, will be tried as an adult in a school bus attack that shocked veteran law enforcement.

On May 30, U.S. marshals arrested Baby K who is accused of attempted murder on a Prince George’s County, Maryland school bus on May 1. The teenager attempted to shoot another teen on the school bus but his gun jammed.

Surveillance video on the bus shows Baby K and two other teens wearing black hoodies and face masks.

The suspect approached the victim and attempted to shoot him multiple times, but police say the gun malfunctioned. The victim suffered minor injuries.

Baby K is charged as an adult with attempted murder, assault, gun possession and other felony counts.

The mother of the school bus victim told News4 the past month has been a nightmare, and she’s trying to raise money to move her family away from the crime-ridden area.

Police previously arrested a 14-year-old boy, a 15-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl. Prosecutors described the teenage girl as the “mastermind” behind the school bus attack.

All of the juveniles are being tried as adults.

Photo may have been deleted

Sources say Baby K is also a suspect in a Washington, D.C. homicide.

23-year-old Kaijah McCoy was found shot to death in a residential building in Northeast D.C. 2 days after the school bus attack, police said.

Chief of Police Malik Aziz spoke at a news conference on Wednesday.

“Many of you have seen the photos or the videos of crimes committed on a school bus — a place where no child or employee should fear for his or her safety,” Aziz said.

“The crime shocked this community. It shocked even the most veteran law enforcement officers,” he said.

“I must remember that the vast majority of our youth are not committing crimes,” Aziz said. “They’re living out their lives in a way that they will become productive citizens.”

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