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Update 3: Nicki Minaj is offering to pay the college tuition for a Chicago teenager who killed a man to defend his mother.

In a social media post on Tuesday, the Barbie rapper wrote:

“That 14 year old boy that backed dat hammer out when that grown ass man was punching his mother in the face as if she were a MAN; is a true hero. If he wants to go to college, I’d love to help. It’s what ANY son should’ve done for their MOTHER. She raised a dope kid.”

Photo may have been deleted

Update 2: Carlisha Hood has filed a lawsuit after murder charges were dropped against her and her 14-year-old son on Monday.

Hood’s attorneys announced the lawsuit at a press conference on Tuesday morning in Chicago. The attorneys said the lawsuit contains four counts of malicious prosecution, false arrest and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

The attorneys said Hood was always the victim and that the wrongful charges have caused great harm to her and her family’s reputation. A lawsuit was filed against the city on Tuesday, ABC 7 Chicago reports.

Anti-violence groups say there have been 8 shootings and five homicides in the West Pullman neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side since May 23.
Originally published on: Jun 26, 2023 at 3:10 p.m.

Update: Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx dropped murder charges against a woman and her 14-year-old son in the shooting death of a man in a West Pullman fast food restaurant.

Foxx said in a statement Monday that her office will drop felony murder charges against Carlisha Hood, 35, and her who son shot a man after he punched Hood twice in the head.

The incident happened at Maxwell Street Express restaurant just after 11 p.m. on June 18.

“Based upon the facts, evidence, and the law we are unable to meet our burden of proof in the prosecution of these cases,” Foxx said in a statement.

Police say Hood was waiting in line for her food when Jeremy Brown, 32, entered the restaurant and an argument ensued. The two did not know each other.

Hood allegedly texted her son who was waiting in the car. Cell phone video shows the teenager standing in the doorway of the restaurant while his mother and Brown argued.

When Brown punched Hood twice in the head, the teen pulled a gun from his hoodie pocket and opened fire.

Brown staggered from the restaurant and into the parking lot followed by Hood and her son. Police say Hood instructed her son to kill Brown, and the teenager complied. Brown was later pronounced dead with two gunshot wounds to the back.

Hood then allegedly told her son to shoot Brown’s girlfriend who had been laughing and instigating the incident in the restaurant.

An arrest affidavit shows Hood tried to take the gun from her son but he pushed her away.

Photo may have been deleted

Surveillance video (below) shows Hood and her son get into her car and drive away. They turned themselves in to police on Wednesday, June 21.

Hood and her son were arrested and charged with felony murder. Hood was also charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She was ordered held on a $3 million bond during a hearing on Thursday. She must pay 10% (or $300,000 cash) in order to be released.

During the hearing, Judge Barbara Dawkins noted that the threat was over the moment Brown fled the restaurant with a bullet in his back.

“The threat at that point was over,” Judge Dawkins said. “Things can bear themselves out differently at trial, but that at that point was not defense of others. That was first-degree murder.”

Neither Hood or her son have criminal records.

Hood’s son, whose name has not been released, was released from a juvenile detention facility.

GoFundMe deleted an account that was created to raise money for their legal defense. GoFundMe does not allow crowdfunding for people who break the law.

Hood’s sister created an Instagram account for supporters to follow the case.

She wrote in the caption of a photo that shows Hood with her 2 children:

“The media wants her to be a bad mom, the media wanted him to be a thug.. this is my family, this is all I know.. I won’t allow the world to strip my family apart! My sister lived for her kids man, she worked hard everyday to make sure they was good by any means!”

According to a loyal reader, Hood’s son had a small part in Lena Waithe’s “The Chi” TV series about life on the South Side of Chicago.

Watch the surveillance video below.