Photo may have been deleted

A popular Mexican TV doctor who regularly appeared on “Mexico Today” as a “vaccination expert” died suddenly from a myocardial infarction, according to reports.

Dr. Alfredo Victoria Moreno was only 42 years old when he died in his sleep early Monday. He was a vocal advocate of COVID mRNA vaccines.

Dr. Alfredo’s massive global fanbase took to social media to mourn his untimely death. They referred to his passing as a “tragedy.”

Photo may have been deleted

The physically fit medical doctor and public health specialist had no preexisting medical conditions. He regularly appeared on TODAY (“HOY!”) to administer vaccines to the show’s staff on the air.

Dr. Alfredo encouraged his 440,000 Instagram followers to get vaccinated. He also had a large following on TikTok and he ran the website

Anti-vaxxers added Dr. Alfredo’s name to the long list of young people who “died suddenly” of heart attacks or strokes within the last 2 years.