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Police in Michigan arrested an innocent Black boy who was taking out the trash. What the cops didn’t know is the boy had a loving father.

The video begins with the boy under arrest. As a cop leads the frightened child to a patrol car, his father came outside.

The father, who is from Jamaica, maintained his composure but he demanded to know why cops were arresting his son who was simply taking out the trash.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” the dad told a female cop. Jamaican men usually prefer to speak to other males. It’s a cultural thing.

The angry father told police his son was a “perfect kid” who never caused him any trouble. “You’re messing with my kid psychologically,” he told the cops.

The police explained that the boy “fit the description” of a suspect they were searching for.

“You always use that as an excuse!” the father replied. “It doesn’t matter — once you’re Black you fit any description,” he said.

After speaking calmly with police, the father managed to convince them to let his son go.

Watch the video below.