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Keri Hilson called out an “insignificant” R&B singer for being “rude” at one of her concerts.

During an episode of the “R&B Monday” podcast with hosts Tank and J Valentine, Keri recalled an incident at one of her concerts involving a now irrelevant singer.

During a segment called “I Ain’t Saying No Names,” Keri said the singer sat in the front row at her concert. Her body language suggested she didn’t want to be there.

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“We know how important it is to give love to other performers, especially when you happen to be sitting on the front row at their show,” explained Keri, who is pictured with Keyshia Cole (left) and Ciara (center) in 2007.

Keri added: “She was with a gentleman. She was his guest. I know the guy very well. She was with him, so she was his – you know, and she didn’t want to be there. It was very obvious, and I felt disrespected by that.”

She continued: “So when they came to my dressing room backstage, I said something, and we almost got to scrapping. My Decatur came out, her town came out… It could’a got real ugly.”

Keri said she doesn’t remember exactly what she told the singer, but she nearly lost her religion.

“I just said, ‘Oh this is intentionally rude. You wanna get slapped?’ That’s how I felt. You’re calling me. You’re speaking to a certain spirit. You dialed it up, I got it on me. Like I said, I’ve always been secular! She dialed it up, she dialed it up!”

Keri said the argument grew so intense that bystanders ushered the singer away to avoid a brawl.

She said the R&B singer is “pretty insignificant at this point.”

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YouTube commenters guessed that the “insignificant” R&B singer could be LeToya Luckett (center), K. Michelle, or Monica.

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Monica (pictured with Keri in 2014) recently complained that she is the “most forgotten R&B singer” because she has never won an award for her lifetime of achievements.

Watch the video below.