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The defendant who attacked Las Vegas Judge Mary Kay Holthus on Wednesday, Jan. 3, was back in front of her on Monday, Jan. 8.

Deobra Redden, 30, entered the court surrounded by marshals. He wore a spit mask, shackles on his wrists and legs, and orange mitts on his hands.

Redden smiled at family members as he shuffled into court.

Judge Holthus sentenced him to 19 to 48 months in prison for a 2022 attack on someone with a baseball bat. He is facing 13 new charges as a result of the attack on the judge.

Last week, Redden attacked Holthus during his sentencing hearing after she refused to release him on probation due to his history of violent offenses.

He wasn’t shackled and there was only one male officer on duty in the courtroom at the time.

Photo may have been deleted
Clark County Sheriff’s Office

After Holthus denied his request for probation, Redden dived over the judge’s bench and landed on top of her. He tried to put her in a headlock, but the judge’s law clerk, Michael Lasso, and a marshal wrestled him off of her.

Holthus suffered a minor head injury but she returned to work the next day.

She ordered jail corrections officers to bring Redden back to her courtroom by any means necessary on Monday.

Redden reportedly told jail guards that he attacked the judge because she was “evil.”

He was previously diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder according to his attorney.