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Mike Epps targeted Shannon Sharpe in a recent standup routine.

Epps, 53, said Sharpe phoned him for an interview on his “Club Shay Shay” podcast, but he declined.

“I said, ‘No, Madea, I ain’t doing no interview with you so you can sit across from me and look at my balls.'”


The comedian said he thought the former NFL player was going to “attack Katt” [Williams] during their viral interview last month.

“The ni**a’s [podcast] is called ‘Shay Shay.’ The ni**a’s telling you,” Epps joked.

“Put a wig on that ni** and tell me if that ain’t MF’ing Madea’s sister.”

Photo may have been deleted
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Rumors about Sharpe’s sexuality circulated last year amid speculation about his relationship with his openly gay stylist named “Hollywood.”

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Sharpe, 55, has never publicly addressed the gay speculation.

According to, Sharpe earned over $500,000 in revenue from his Katt Williams interview.

The YouTube video, which premiered in January, was viewed over 58 million times.


Meanwhile, Sharpe promoted his Shay liquor at a local liquor store in Las Vegas on Thursday.

The Shay by Le Portier luxury cognac launched in 2021 and has sold out in nearly all liquor stores.

Photo may have been deleted

The cognac honors Sharpe’s grandmother, Mary Porter, who raised him.

Shay by Le Portier is packaged in a collectible wooden box and is priced at $98 a bottle.