Photo may have been deleted

Katt Williams didn’t mince words during his 3-hour appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience” this week.

The interview took place nearly 2 months after Williams told Shannon Sharpe that Rogan didn’t want him on his podcast.

Photo may have been deleted

“If you were a comedian that cussed, you were ridiculed by the mainstream comedy-geist,” he said. “That would be like me being on Joe Rogan. Joe don’t want me on there. I need to be on Shannon. Joe got six comedians that never been funny he wanna push out. But that’s really how it is.”

After Williams’s “Club Shay Shay” interview went viral in January, Rogan invited Williams to come on his show.

At one point, Williams brought up California’s ban on flavored vapes and menthol cigarettes, which would impact the Black community.

“That was fine, but they let it also hurt Black people in that it counted menthol as a flavor,” Williams said.

Rogan then asked, “Why do Black people like menthol cigarettes so much? What’s that about?”

Williams laughed, “You’re gonna get me canceled. This is very racist, this conversation. A Black person actually getting ready to answer this—it’s terrible on all ends.”

The popular comedian said Black people tend to prefer concentrated products and strong flavors.

“Before things were called concentrate, that’s what we appreciated, [what] was concentrated,” Williams said.

“There’s this whole thing with liquor and malt liquor and the difference between the two. One is richer and stronger and as a people, we tend to go with those products. And the fact that menthol is a natural thing, so anybody who’s from the South knows about mint plants — so you appreciate that as a flavor profile as well.”

Then the discussion turned to transgenderism, which Williams called a “satanic” trend, rather than an identity.

“20 years ago I knew that transgenders was gonna be a thing,” he said. “The earliest I had seen that word, transgender, was Baphomet, the transgender,” he added.

Baphomet is a deity with the head of a goat and the body of a man. He is often confused with Satan.

“So I knew that in the ritual of Baphomet, the transgender, to show allegiance to him you had to kiss his a*s ring.”

Rogan said simply, “We got some good weed, Katt.”