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Russell and Ciara Wilson have listed 2 of their homes after the Denver Broncos terminated his contract on Monday.

According to the NY Post, Russell and Ciara immediately listed their $25 million Denver mansion. And their $36 million manse in Washington state is still on the market. He listed it after his blockbuster trade in 2022.

The Broncos cut the 35-year-old quarterback just two years after signing him to a 5-year, $242.6 million contract extension.

The Broncos let Russell go before the March 17 deadline that would have guaranteed his $37 million salary in 2025.

Millionaires have very high monthly expenses that require an inflow of cash greater than the outflow to pay their bills. The Wilsons reportedly pay about $1 million a month in bills and expenses.

Ciara, 38, doesn’t have much revenue coming in from record sales. And she hasn’t toured in years.

At this rate, they will be broke soon if Russell isn’t picked up by another team.

The Wilsons hope to sell their multi-million dollar homes before their finances run dry.

They cut the price of their Bellevue, Washington mansion by $10 million — from $36 million to $26 million.

According to The Post, the house, near Seattle, has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

Last month, BusinessDen reported that Wilson and Ciara provided tours to prospective buyers for their mansion.

The house became the most expensive home ever sold in the Denver area when they paid $25 million for it in April 2022.

They may have to sell the house at a loss to get rid of it.