Photo may have been deleted
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Family members of ex-NFL player Daniel Muir (left) says a cult is hiding him amid an investigation into his missing 14-year-old son.

Bryson Muir (right) was last seen on June 16, leaving his grandmother’s house with his mother, Kristen Muir.

Cheryl Wright told police she picked up her grandson near Toledo at the request of his mother on or about June 14. That’s when Wright noticed Bryson’s black eye and other facial injuries.

Photo may have been deleted

“He just said that his dad did it, but he wasn’t angry at his father,” Wright told NBC affiliate WTHR. “He told me that he deserved it and it was OK. So I told him that it wasn’t and that nobody should beat their children like that, not if they love them.”

However, Wright didn’t call the police until 2 days later, when the Muirs and an unidentified man arrived to pick up Bryson from her house.

Police pulled over Kristen’s car “within minutes” of her leaving Wright’s Cleveland, Ohio, home, but Bryson was not in the car.

Wright told WTHR that police informed her Bryson was likely transferred to another vehicle in the short time between when they left her home and when they were pulled over by local police.

Daniel and Kristen agreed to bring Bryson to the Indiana state police to prove he is safe. But they “backed out” of a meeting arranged for noon on Friday.

The Muirs live in Logansport, Indiana, on the property of a religious group called the Straitway Truth Ministries. The group is considered to be a cult.

According to The Mourning Feed, Pastor Charles Dowell, of Straitway Truth Ministries, demanded an apology from the family. He reportedly disparaged the family in a statement to The Mourning Feed, which he would only give for “a small fee.”

“Let’s just be real clear, Bryson’s grandmother DID THE RIGHT THING. That woman LOVES her family, unlike Pastor Dowell who makes his wives call him master and refuses to allow people to use freedom of thought. He can’t control grandma and he knows it,” the outlet wrote.

The Mourning Feed tweeted recent photos of Daniel Muir and pleaded with the public to report his whereabouts.

“While they disparage the “natural family” who reported the alleged abuse against his children, his chosen family is protecting this man from facing accountability,” the outlet tweeted on Monday.

Daniel Muir played in the NFL from 2007 to 2013.