The singer who inspired rapper Jay Z to name his daughter Blue Ivy has dropped a new single.

Blu Cantrell once dated Jay Z before he met Beyonce. Apparently, Jay Z was very impressed by Blu's oral skills.

The 36-year-old singer dropped her new single "SOS (Tell Me Where You At)" off her upcoming album, which is set for release in April 2013.

Blu's debut album, Bittersweet, was relased in 2001. Her first single off Bittersweet, "Hit 'Em Up Style (Oops!)," reached #2 on the Billboard charts and made Blu an overnight star.

Sources say Blu and Jay Z's relationship didn't last because she was too smart for him.


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  • Rihanna, who is in London with her childhood friend Melissa, launched her current single "Diamonds" off her upcoming album. Rihanna released "Diamonds" on her new website So far, the single has received lukewarm responses from RiRi's fans who eagerly anticipated new music from their drug-addled idol.


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    Beyonce who?

    Singer Tamar Braxton is not only promoting her new reality series spin off 'Tamar and Vince' which premieres Sept. 20, the youngest Braxton sister is also promoting her upcoming untitled album.

    Here's a new acapella track titled "Love and War" off Tamar's upcoming album that you have to hear to believe! Tamar's soaring vocals reminds the listener of what Beyonce could be capable of if she wasn't so vocally restrained.

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    Up-and-coming R&B singer Junior is creating quite a buzz in Los Angeles and Atlanta. The LA transplant sings, writes, produces, and crafts the beats for his own songs. Junior has been described as a cross between Bruno Mars and Miguel. Major labels are already showing an interest in Junior. Let him know what you think of his song titled "What Have You Done".


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  • Kelly Krueger writes:

    Hey Sandra - I'm working closely with Deb and Mizay Ent on their latest upcoming artist, Tarvoria. Tarvoria is HOT in Atlanta right now. She is the winner of the Female R&B Artist of the Year at this year's Atlanta Underground Music Awards, and she will be participating in the Core DJ's Mixshow Live conference this weekend.

    "Be Quiet" is the first single from Tarvoria's forthcoming album Street Couture.

    Listen to "Be Quiet"


    Voice samples of murder suspect George Zimmerman were released today as part of the discovery in the Trayvon Martin murder case in Florida.

    Zimmerman, 28, can be heard yelling "Help, help," repeatedly in voice reenactment audio samples recorded on March 22. The voice samples were used by investigators to be compared with the male voice heard crying on a 911 call.

    Zimmerman told police he called out for help before shooting and killing the 17-year-old high school student on Feb. 26. But 2 independent voice analysts hired by the Orlando Sentinel determined that Zimmerman's voice did not match the voice heard crying on the 911 tape.

    You can judge for yourself by clicking HERE.

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    Tracy Martin, the father of Trayvon Martin, called a non-emergency 911 line at the Sanford police department on Feb. 27 to report his son missing the morning after the teen was shot to death by an overeager neighborhood watchman.

    "It hasn't really been 24 hours, but I'm from Miami and my son's up here with me," Tracy Martin tells a dispatcher in the 8:39 a.m. call released Wednesday.


    "I'm actually staying at my girlfriend's house," Mr. Martin told the dispatcher in a calm voice, explaining that Trayvon didn't know anyone in Sanford.

    A second phone call released Wednesday, the dispatcher called Mr. Martin back a few minutes after the first call to ask for more identifying information.

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    Miami Heat star Chris Bosh calmly described his masseuse as "agitated" and "pale" after she collapsed at his Miami mansion last week.

    41-year-old Chautele Cooksey arrived at the Bosh home in good spirits. But her condition declined rapidly shortly after her arrival.

    "I need a doctor here at my house," said Bosh, who sat out 9 games of the playoffs with a lower abdominal sprain.


    During the 9-minute call to 911 Bosh told a dispatcher Cooksey fainted twice and she was having difficulty breathing. Moments later Bosh said Cooksey's breathing was "shallow."

    "She can't breathe, something weird is going on," said Bosh. The dispatcher instructed Bosh and his wife, Adrienne, to perform CPR on the stricken woman.

    Cooksey was transported to a local hospital where she later died. Friends say Cooksey survived cancer last year. Her cause of death is not known.

    "Don't Be Messin' Around" is an unreleased demo crafted by Michael Jackson in 1987 to be included on his Thriller album, but it didn't make the cut.

    The track was then presented as the first unreleased track off the BAD 25 campaign to be released as a bonus cut on the forthcoming I Just can't Stop Loving You single, according to

    Don't Be Messin' 'Round is a song that already has a history among MJ fans and connoisseurs. Way back in July 2009, legendary sound engineer and longtime Jackson collaborator Bruce Swedien revealed to columnist Roger Friedman that the track was just -- simply put -- mindblowing: « Michael plays piano on it, and it's just beautiful. » He added: « Oh my God, there's nothing like it. » He also stated that Jackson plays the piano on it, a feat that has always been underestimated (he also plays drums on Morphine and keyboards & synthesizers on the lost and underrated track Children's Holiday, a song Jackson penned for the Japanese band J-Friends in 1998 and also recorded on his own).


    Source: HHU

    Justin Bieber teams up with rapper Ludacris once again for a new pop/crunk R&B tune titled "All Around The World". The track is Bieber's 3rd single off his upcoming album, Believe. The last time Luda and Beiber made music together ("Baby"), they ended up #1 on the Billboard chart.

    With the assistance of auto tune, Bieber sings "All around the world/ People want to be loved, yeah/ 'Cause all around the world/ They're no different than us."

    Listen to the track after the break.

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