Kris Jenner (L) and her daughter Kendall Jenner were spotted out and about just days after Kris took a lie detector test.

Kris and Kendall were spotted during NY Fashion Week on Monday. They were followed by a camera crew and security guards.

Kris, 66, recently took a lie detector test on James Corden's late-night show to disprove Ray J's claims that she intentionally leaked a sex tape that launched the careers of her daughter Kim Kardashian and Ray J.


"Did you help Kim release her sex tape?" Corden asked Kris. "It's OK," Kris said, before shaking her head and saying, "No. No."

The lie detector test results showed that she was being truthful. "Oh, I like that," she said. "We cleared that up."


Ray J, 41, was livid over on Instagram, where he shared a series of posts addressing Kris' denials.

"CLOWN S—!!" Ray J wrote on Saturday, in reference to Kris Jenner's appearance on Corden's show on Sept. 8.

Fernando Ramales / BACKGRID

Ray previously posted part of a handwritten contract that he claims Kris made him sign back in the day. He also claims the sex tape was her idea and that she directed him and Kim in the video.

Fernando Ramales / BACKGRID

"Her mama made us go shoot it for safety," Ray J said in a video clip.

"She watched ... And said, 'Hey, we're gonna go with the first one 'cause the first one is better. It gives my daughter a better look than the second one that I made y'all go do... But you watched it. And made a decision."

Ray J and Kim, 41, dated from 2003 until 2006. Kim was a wardrobe stylist and personal assistant for socialite Paris Hilton at the time.

John Shearer/WireImage

Ray J said they were not dating when they filmed the video. He said Kris ordered them to re-do some shots because some of the scenes were too raunchy. His allegations explains why he was not sexually aroused in any of the scenes.

In another rant, Ray J shared alleged messages from Kris on his phone.

David Livingston/WENN

"Listen, your mom told us to go do what we did in Santa Barbara," Ray J said.

"We was in this s—t together. Kris, you know what you did. I'm about to show people what you did... Y'all can't just go out here and do a lie detector test and just lie and just smile about it."

"Tell somebody, 23, 22, 'We like the tape. We need you to go do it one more time in Santa Barbara. Even though you're not together. For safety.' We'll go through 'em, and we picked the older one. Showed Kim in a better light. Her bra was still on ... The other one was just too raunchy. OK, I know, I did it."



If all of this smells like a publicity stunt, it probably is.

Wendy Williams is returning to work soon. She shared brand new promo photos for her new podcast on her Instagram page, @thewendyexperiencepodcast.

In one set of promo photos, Wendy sits on a blue crush velour covered swing. She wears a black bodysuit and a big grin on her face.

In another set of photos, Wendy sits on a leather sofa. She looks great, despite her health problems and rumored dementia diagnosis.

She captioned the photos: "How You doin? Co-Host!" and "Self LOVE is the Best LOVE."

Wendy, 58, has been teasing the premiere of her new podcast on Instagram for weeks now.

iHeart Radio and Spotify showed interest initially, but Wendy wanted $100 million for her new podcast deal.

Fans were concerned when she shared a video for her podcast in August. Fans flooded the comments of her last video.

"They don't know how to count me out, but they don't know how to count. Oh well," she said in one video.

Wendy also posted a 2020 photo that showed her shopping with NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton back when NeNe was still on Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Wendy captioned the image: "Shopping with the LADIES of ATL! Which [peach emoji] should I have on the Wendy Experience 1st!"

Photo may have been deleted


Rosario Dawson confirmed she is dating Nigerian poet Nnamdi Okafor in a video she shared on her IG page.

The 43-year-old actress posted the video on Tuesday, in which he licks his lips and tells her, "I love you, baby."

Dawson replied, "I love you too," before turning to him with a smile. She captioned the post with a fiery heart emoji.

This appears to be the first man Dawson has publicly dated since her sham relationship with politician Cory Booker in 2020.

Okafor is not to be confused with politician Nnamdi Okafor, the Anambra State House of Assembly majority leader, who died suddenly last month.

According to his LinkedIn page, Dawson's new man is a "Trusted philanthropic strategist and consultant" for a company in Los Angeles, California.

His job duties focuses on supporting high net worth individuals and celebrity clientele.

Araya Diaz/Getty Images

In February, PEOPLE confirmed the split between Dawson and Booker, 53. The New Jersey lawmaker has been rumored to be gay. Dawson was believed to be his beard for political purposes.

Dawson is also rumored to be bisexual, though she has denied the rumors.

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Lil Kim responded to Internet troll 50 Cent dissing her 8-year-old daughter, Royal Reign, in a post on Instagram.

Kim checked 50 Cent on Thursday when he accused her of coming for Nicki Minaj's son in her verse on Megan Thee Stallion's new "Plan B" (Remix).

On the track, Kim rapped:

"Nigga, you's a b*tch, your father's a b*tch, your brother's a b*tch/Keep acting like this and your son gon' be a b*tch."

50 Cent re-posted his side-by-side comparison of Lil Kim's 2021 BET Awards outfit and an owl. He captioned his post:

"QGTM @nickiminaj you better light her ass up I'm watching. she said something about the baby, her baby eye fvcked up..."

Photo may have been deleted

Royal Reign was born with congenital ptosis, which causes one or both eyelids to droop.

Kim, 48, responded angrily:

"I never said a word about anyone's child ... please feel free to listen to the song where we were clearly talking about an EX. To try and twist my words to have an excuse to take digs at my child is disgusting."

She added:

"I'm one of the most disrespected legends in the game but what you will not do is come for MY CHILD."

Photo may have been deleted
Fans took to Twitter to drag 50 Cent for repeatedly bullying the Queen Bee.


A jailhouse photo of rapper Fetty Wap surfaced on Instagram Wednesday, Sept. 8.

The picture shows the one-eyed rapper dressed comfortably in a brown jumpsuit while posing with three hard legs.

Fetty, born Willie Maxwell II, is being held in a special unit at a federal facility in Brooklyn while awaiting his sentencing hearing.

Fetty was out on a $500,000 bond when he was arrested on August 8 for allegedly threatening a federal witness during a FaceTime call in December 2021.

Fetty pled guilty to conspiring to distribute cocaine and violating the conditions of his bond.

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

"I agreed with other people to distribute cocaine. Guilty," Fetty told Long Island Magistrate Judge Steven Locke who ordered him held without bond.

Fetty faces a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 40 years in prison when he's sentenced.

Fetty's lawyer Elizabeth Macedonio told the court she was "very concerned about his housing".

But the prosecutor said Fetty Wap is property of the Bureau of Prisons and the US Marshals Service - and only they can approve his transfer to another jail.

Fetty is being held in the same federal facility where washed-up rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine was jailed.

Photo may have been deleted


Reginae Carter is officially off the market. The eldest daughter of rapper Lil Wayne is reportedly dating YouTuber Armon Warren, 25.

Reginae, 23, broke up with aspiring rapper YFN Lucci, 31, after he was locked up in the Fulton County Jail on murder charges in 2021.

The Instagram model and entrepreneur responded to rumors that she's dating the handsome YouTube star. The couple met when a friend fixed them up on a blind date.

"I am dating someone that I really enjoy spending time with," she said in an interview with Cameron Newton.

"I don't even want to go on too much," Reginae said, before adding her new beau is a "gentleman".

Photo may have been deleted


Last month, Reginae and the single father sparked rumors when they danced in TikTok videos together. "Give me the little model walk; come on. Walk past me. Now do your little turnaround. Walk past me one more time," Armon teased her in one video.

Armon's toddler daughter is about the same age as Reginae's little sister.

It isn't clear if Reginae will assume the stepmom role to Armon's toddler.

Reginae's dating history is littered with failed relationships, including the aforementioned gang banger YFN Lucci.

Her fans hope she chose the right guy this time. But they note that Armon is throwing gang signs in some of his Instagram photos.

Photo may have been deleted


Tyrese is contesting a previous judge's order demanding he pay his estranged wife, Samantha Gibson Lee, $10,690 a month for child support.

TMZ reports the singer/actor has added famed attorney Ben Crump to his legal team and he wants a new judge to overturn the child support order.


The "Fast & Furious" actor filed an appeal this week, obtained by TMZ, that claimed Judge Farmer, who was presiding over the divorce, was clearly biased against him.

Robert Kamau/GC Images

Tyrese said during a pretrial meeting in the judge's chambers, Judge Farmer apparently told him and his ex that he thought $10,690 per month in child support was appropriate based on the financial evidence and that he didn't care if Samantha was a "greedy, gold-digging bitch."

Tyrese claimed Judge Farmer already made up his mind even before hearing arguments and testimony in court.

Presley Ann/Getty Images

The judge chastised Tyrese in open court when the actor raised his voice at Gibson Lee's attorney.

Tyrese said the judge cut him off in the middle of his answers, which Tyrese called totally outrageous. Tyrese claims his lawyer "definitely felt bullied by Judge Farmer" during the case.

According to TMZ, Tyrese has retained civil rights lawyer Ben Crump to assist his legal team.

Photo may have been deleted


Faison Love roasted Aries Spears in a discussion with The Art of Dialogue about the Lizzo controversy.

Spears triggered Lizzo's fans last month when he compared the Grammy Award-winning singer to "the sh-t emoji" and "a plate of mashed potatoes."

Love called Spears "untalented" and said he looks like a rabid raccoon.

"The comments in itself are stupid," Love said.

Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

"I mean, Lizzo is a phenomenon and she's really talented, and he's not so talented. He's got one gear. He's a, 'Yo, son.' But if you know the story of Aries Spears; he's the guy we saw on a Def Jam as a kid. He was 13, 14 years old. They flew him out to Hollywood, thinking he was going to be the next Eddie Murphy and 'wamp, wamp.' He was so angry."

Love said he almost slapped the aspiring comedian when he bumped into him at the Comedy Store in Hollywood.

"I was going to slap the sh-t out of him one time. Like this dumb muthaf-cka. At the Comedy Store, so many muthaf-ckas was gonna whoop his ass because he was this cocky kid. He would get deals — him and Dave Chappelle would get all these deals — South of Sunset was one of the shows, and they would go nowhere like 'wamp, wamp.'"

Love continued flaming Spears.

"He was so cocky 'cause they had built his head up. He walked like Eddie Murphy. He had the little hat on, the Golden Child hat... So, that's his pinnacle. Here comes Lizzo, takes the world by storm. Bam! She plays the flute, which is amazing because the last person I know made the flute fly was Brick. A lot of people don't even know who Brick is..."

He added, "He don't know style. He don't know flyness. Lizzo's fly. He don't know... He's corny himself. You have to know his story. Cornball with a soapbox."

CBS/Getty Images

Spears didn't always resemble a sloth. The Chicago native was a comedian at age 14, performing stand-up comedy in various comedy clubs in New York City.

At 16, Spears landed a part in the movie Malcolm X. His first television appearance was on Russell Simmons's Def Comedy Jam, followed by It's Showtime at the Apollo (1987).

Watch the video below.

Living icon Janet Jackson surprised her pal Teyana Taylor at the London stop of Teyana's The Last Rose Petal 2... Farewell Tour.

Miss Jackson, who lives in London, went backstage to surprise the R&B singer during the UK leg of her tour.

Both Janet and Teyana shared photos of the special moment with their Instagram followers.

Janet captioned her post @teyanataylor followed by 3 purple heart emojis.

While Teyana captioned her IG post:

"London had me in shambles & crying like a full blown baby! The love, the energy, the raw emotions, the vibes, THEE ICON JANET JACKSON!"

"Thank you for loving on me to the fullest, thank you for rocking with me! Thank you for making one my last bows one of the most magical & a night I will never forget. I love you so much..always, forever. Def one of the greatest surprises of my life. Thank you for ur loving words always. No matter how close our bond continues to grow, I will always still be one of ya biggest fans! Thank you for always being so genuine & being an inspiration to us all! You are the reason I give 134667643% when I hit that stage. You are the blueprint. I love you Queen."

Tickets for The Last Rose Petal 2... Farewell Tour are available at

Arturo Holmes/FilmMagic

Atlanta's gay community looked forward to seeing rapper Latto perform live during Atlanta's Black Pride weekend.

Unfortunately, the "Big Energy" rapper canceled her scheduled performance at Cosmo, leaving Black Pride attendees angry and confused.

"Sorry y'all, they didn't have all my money. I love y'all," she wrote on her Instagram Story.

Kevin Mazur/Getty

According to the promoter, Latto received half of her payment up front in cash, but she refused her $5,000 balance through money transfer network Zelle.

Latto, like most rappers, prefer to receive their booking fees in all cash. Understandably, they wish to keep the IRS out of their pockets.

However, legitimate promoters prefer to have a paper trail - in case the IRS audits them.

Julie Bennett/Getty Images

Now that President Joe Biden signed a bill authorizing the hiring of 87,000 IRS agents, small business owners are fearful they will be audited.

The promoter took to Instagram and wrote:

"So because we offered to pay Latto $5,000 of her remaining balance in Zelle and the rest in cash she pulled off because she only wanted CASH. Then goes to IG and says we didn't have her money [facepalm emoji]."

Prince Williams/Wireimage

Latto's fans defended her, saying she doesn't have to accept payment through Zelle if she doesn't want to.

"She don't gotta except [sic] Zelle I wouldn't I would be scared they trying to scam," one IG user wrote.

"The Real Housewives of Potomac" star Candiace Dillard also added her 2 cents, "If you had the $ in the zelle account... why not go to the bank and get the cash? Lol."

Clearly, Dillard doesn't understand how a business operates. Or she's never been audited and doesn't keep receipts.

Karl Larsen / BACKGRID

Over the holiday weekend, Kanye West went on an unhinged rant, roasting executives from adidas to retailer GAP.

In a series of posts on Instagram, Kanye complained about adidas' business decisions and accused the company of ripping off his designs.

Karl Larsen / BACKGRID

Kanye spent his Saturday roasting adidas General Manager Daniel Cherry III, who is Black and has a preference for wearing black hats.

He also insinuated that adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted is "deceased" (he's not).

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

In 2016, Kanye expanded his partnership with adidas to launch the adidas + Kanye West collection, a Yeezy branded entity. The range featured unisex footwear, apparel and accessories for street and sport wear.

At the time, Kanye commented:

"These past two years adidas and Yeezy have given a glimpse into our future. This partnership illustrates that anyone with a dream can dream without limitations".

FOX via Getty Images

Gina Torres is a character actress best known for her roles in 9-1-1: Lone Star, Law & Order, Bones, Suits, Gossip Girl and Riverdale.

While TV viewers assumed Torres was Black or mixed race, the actress insists she is Cuban and she doesn't identify as a Black woman.

In a roundtable discussion with other Latinas on MSNBC, Torres complained that she is only offered roles playing Black women because of her dark-skin.

Photo may have been deleted


"There was no place for me as a Latina, and then as a Black woman - I didn't identify as a Black woman, because for me it was cultural. Because, of course, I present Black, I am a Black woman. I am also Cuban. When you're here in the United States and they ask you to be in a box, and you don't fit into the box... culturally, it was different. It was not one that I identified with."

Torres, 53, said she was forced to pass as Black to get acting jobs. She had to learn to live as a Black woman to survive in Hollywood.

"To work, to survive, it was something I had to learn. To then learn to be whatever Black was and then feel like I was alienating that other part of myself... it just kind of became a jedi mind trick to keep myself from just being sad all the time about not being able to fully experience and express the entirety of myself."

Torres won an ALMA Award and Imagen Award for her work. However, she said she was not always comfortable with her success because she was living a lie.

JOCE/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Bow Wow is following in Chris Brown and Megan Thee Stallion's footsteps by charging a car note for a meet & greet.

Chris Brown was the first to charge his fans $1,000 for a meet & greet with him backstage at his concerts.

Photo may have been deleted


Then rapper Megan Thee Stallion (right) charged her fans $1,500 for a private meet and greet with her. Megan's male and female fans lined up to charge their parents' credit cards for a photo with the "Plan B" rapper.

Now comes word that former kiddie rapper Bow Wow is charging fans $1,000 for a "VIP Experience" with him.

Bow Wow is headlining "The 2022 Millennium Tour Turned Up" which is set to kick off on Oct. 7 in Hampton, VA. The lineup includes Mario, Keri Hilson, Lloyd, Pleasure P, Bobby V., and more.

Photo may have been deleted


According to, fans can buy 3 packages, including a $1,000 "Diamond Package" for a "Bow Wow VIP Experience" including an ultimate hang out with Bow Wow.

For just one stack, fans will experience a personal tour by Bow Wow. You will get a behind-the-scenes look at the backstage areas where you are sure to bump into other celebrities! You will also see Bow Wow's private tour bus, and much more.

Photo may have been deleted


Your auntie spent a day with Bow Wow when his wildly popular Scream Tour came through Atlanta in 2005. We started off the day at radio stations where Bow Wow conducted interviews with DJs.

Sandra Rose/

Then we headed to Bow Wow's private box at Philips Arena where he held more interviews. The box had a great view of the stage. Next we were off on a tour of Philips Arena through secret passageways and tunnels. There was a lot to see!

Sandra Rose/

After that, Bow Wow held a meet & greet for his fans for free. He took photos and gave away free t-shirts. There was plenty of food and everything was free. How times have changed!

Sandra Rose/

Next stop was a gym at Philips Arena where Bow Wow played a pickup game of basketball with his friends.

Sandra Rose/

Then it was time for Bow Wow to go onstage. Da Brat (right) escorted her little brother to the stage.

If you're a Bow Wow fan, $1,000 is well worth it for a private tour with your idol. You will never be bored.

There's also a $150 basic package. Here's what you get for $150:

  • Personal Meet + Greet & Photo with Bow Wow
  • Digital Download of your Meet & Greet with Bow Wow
  • Souvenir VIP Laminate & Lanyard
  • Commemorative VIP T-Shirt

Check out more photos from the Scream Tour below.

Sandra Rose/

Sandra Rose/

Sandra Rose/


Actor Timothée Chalamet says it's tough being alive for the TikTok generation. The star attended the Venice Film Festival, where his new film Bones & All premiered on Thursday.

Chalamet and 28-year-old actress Taylor Russell play two teenage cannibals who set off on a cross-country road trip in the ’80s American Midwest.

Maren (Russell) and Lee (Chalamet) bond in this romantic story of first love and shared taste for human flesh.


During the film's press conference in Venice, Italy, Chalamet, 26, said, "To be young now, and to be young whenever - I can only speak for my generation - is to be intensely judged."

"I can't imagine what it is to grow up with the onslaught of social media, and it was a relief to play characters who are wrestling with an internal dilemma absent the ability to go on Reddit, or Twitter, Instagram or TikTok and figure out where they fit in."

He added that social media will eventually lead to a "societal collapse".

"Without casting judgment on that, you can find your tribe there, but I think it's tough to be alive now. I think societal collapse is in the air or it smells like it - and, without being pretentious, that's why hopefully movies matter, because that's the role of the artist... to shine a light on what's going on."

Chalamet fears for his little brother and others who may fall prey to social media's ill effects on society.

"I have a little brother who's 19, 20-ish, and thinking about him in this world, and the self-judgement and judgment of others that people seem so flooded with every day in such a drastic and severe way is so scary, because the hope is that you can find your own compass within all of it and that seems like a difficult task now."


Taylor is a Canadian actress, best known for her role as Judy Robinson in the Netflix science fiction series Lost in Space (2018–2021). She also starred as Lark Voorhies in the Lifetime television film The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story.

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Young Thug owns over 100 acres of land in Atlanta that he's not using. So he offered his land to Kanye West for a Yeezy store in Atlanta.

Kanye, a.k.a. YE, posted a message on Instagram detailing his plans to open his first Yeezy store in Atlanta.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

"We are going to open Yeezy stores world wide Starting in Atlanta," he wrote on Wednesday, Aug. 31.

"Who would be best to open it? I'll buy the land and or building Then we gonna up in every state and then internationally. Anyone who has over 10 years retail experience and is ready to change the world post your instagram handle or store location in the comments and We'll find you."

Photo may have been deleted

Cobb County Jail

Young Thug, who has access to a cell phone in the Cobb County Jail, saw Kanye's post and offered his land for free.

"@kanyewest I got over 100 acres," Thugger wrote. "However many you need they're yours free of charge. On GOD."

Earlier this week Kanye complained that the GAP stole his designs and canceled a photo shoot featuring his four children in Japan.


He was disappointed that GAP and Adidas failed to build brick and mortar stores for his collection like they promised.

"I signed with both adidas and Gap because it contractually stated they would build permanent stores which neither company has done even though I saved both of those companies at the same time. Ima show you how to use social media."

Kanye also FaceTimed with Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz who put him in contact with Atlanta mayor, Andre Dickens.

"2 Chainz said he got the mayor('s) number," Ye wrote in a video caption. "I added the s cause my mama was head of the English department. But this may take some incorrect English to get done."