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Ray J's ex-manager Wack 100 slammed Kim Kardashian for lying about a second sex tape to boost ratings of her family's new reality TV series.

I told you yesterday that the ratings for the Kardashians Hulu special were less than spectacular.

Kim and her family pulled out all the stops to boost interest in the new series.

Kim claims she was upset that her son, Saint West saw an ad for a second sex tape supposedly leaked by Ray J.

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"Over my dead body is this happening again," Kim told her lawyer Marty Singer in a teaser of the upcoming episode. "I know the right attorneys this time and I'm not going to let this happen to me again. I have all the time, all the money and all of the resources to burn them all to the f–king ground."

But Wack 100 says Kim is lying again.

"Now I'm confused," Wack 100 captioned a post. "1st @kimkardashian attorney says I'm lying this [tape] doesn't exist 2nd Now @kimkardashian is saying she's blocking us releasing it so now I guess she's admitting her & her team has been lying."

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Kim, who dated Ray J from 2003 until 2006, previously claimed there was no second tape.

Ray J, who has two children with estranged wife Princess Love, is over being used by the Kardashians the way they used and discarded Kanye West.

In January, he tweeted: "This needs to stop. I also have kids."

Photo may have been deleted


Pastor Dwayne Dawkins, of the Praise International Church in Florida, is reportedly planning to take legal action those who are slandering his good name.

Pastor Dawkins went viral recently when a video leaked online featuring a man who resembles the pastor engaging in a sex act with a male sex worker.

Social media users claim the man in the video is the pastor. But those closest to him say that's definitely not him.

It is obvious to some viewers that the video is from a p0rn tape. There are multiple cameras set up around the room providing various angles of the action. Both men seem to know the cameras are there. will not share links to the video because this is a family-oriented blog.

Twitter vloggers compared the pastor's situation to former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum, a bisexual man who was caught with a male escort in a hotel room.

The Praise Tabernacle website states that Dawkins has a dynamic personality and "exudes a genuine care, love, and concern for all of God's people."

Dawkins is the founder and CEO of DHDawkins Ministries which he runs with his wife Tamia Dawkins.

So far they have not commented publicly on the video.

The couple share three sons, D.H. Dawkins, II, Daryn Nathanael Dawkins and Dathyn Declyn Dawkins.


2022 is only 5 days old and rumor has it that a leaked Jill Scott s*x tape is in the wild.

The news caused a 6 on the Richter scale as Black Twitter users tried to verify the existence of such a tape.

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The frenzy on Black Twitter is further confirmation that thick, voluptuous women are in heavy demand (no pun intended).


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Jill, who is best known for her sultry R&B ballads, solidified her reputation as a freak during her concerts.

While we wait for the s*x tape to surface, here's a video for you women who don't understand what all the fuss is about.


Kevin Gates is back on the market after his wife packed her things and left the rapper when his graphic sex tape leaked over the weekend.

The video -- which was allegedly recorded by the rapper -- shows him having intimate relations with a groupie.

Fans rated Gates an 'E' for effort and expressed disappointment in his lackluster equipment.

Women sent their sympathies to his wife, Dreka, the mother of his children, and they offered to send her extra batteries.

It was all too much for Dreka.

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Dreka was understandably upset about the sex tape. Dreka's friends broke the news on social media that she left her husband of less than one year -- and took their three children with her.

The couple had been quarantining with their children at their home in Los Angeles.

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A$AP Rocky was the subject of scorn and ridicule after his alleged sex tape leaked on an adult film streaming website on Wednesday.

The tape was uploaded to P0rnHub under the title, "Rock Hard BBC destroys Paig."

Millions of women were unimpressed with the rapper's stroke game. Even though he gave it all he had, it just wasn't good enough picky women who say he didn't measure up.

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A$AP took note of all the jokes and the memes, and he had something to say.

The rapper posted a rambling message on Twitter that sounds like you ladies hurt his feelings.

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There was rampant speculation as to why A$AP leaked the sex tape in the first place. Many assume A$AP leaked the tape for publicity. But the real reason might be his bruised ego.

According to Boxden: A$AP was humiliated at a recent concert after male fans threw their boxers onstage.

It was the first time ever that a rapper had boxers thrown at him. This type of behavior could result in violence if it happens to the wrong rapper.

But A$AP doesn't want to go back to prison for defending his manhood. So he supposedly leaked the sex tape to show the bruhs that maple syrup doesn't flow through his veins.

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A$AP Rocky joins the league of rappers whose sex tapes were leaked online for promotional purposes. You know how it goes: rapper, singer falls off and a sex tape or d**k pic leaks.

A$AP was dragged on social media when his sex tape trended on Twitter. The tape, which was uploaded to P0rnHub under the title, "Rock Hard BBC destroys Paig," shows a skinny Black man doing his best Mr. Marcus imitation with a Caucasian p0rn actress.

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Although his face is not seen, the tattoos on his lower torso line up with Rocky's.

The 31-year-old "Cockiness" rapper was dragged because Twitter users were not impressed with his average length or girth. Apparently he's too "short" for their liking.

Many of them were upset that he wasted their precious time that they will never get back.

How embarrassing for A$AP.

Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna has not called the cops a few days after her staged sex tape leaked online. The 29-year-old former stripper vowed to call the police and pursue legal action against the person or persons who leaked the blurry video of her engaging in sex acts with ex-boyfriend Mechie.

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Blac Chyna

How desperate is Blac Chyna to be on the level of a Kim Kardashian? The former stripper called the cops after "someone" leaked her full sex tape online on Monday. The video, which appears to be staged, opens with Chyna standing in a doorway. Then, as if on cue, she walks over to a man lying on a bed.

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