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Rick Ross's new girlfriend Hamisa Mobetto looks drastically different now than she did more than a decade ago.

The Tanzanian socialite is best known as the ex-girlfriend of Diamond Platnumz, a superstar singer in Tanzania.

Here in America, the Instagram model is gaining popularity as rap mogul Rick Ross' latest flame.

According to MTO News sources, Ross pays all of Mobetto's bills in Tanzania and flies her to his Atlanta mansion regularly.

Mobetto lives in Tanzania with her minor daughter, Dee. Rick and Mobetto, 27, frequently fly to Dubai, where Ross takes her on shopping sprees.

While Mobetto advertises skin creams to her 9 million Instagram followers, her before and after photos are surfacing on social media.

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Ross is not known to be a colorist. He has dated many women of various shades and hues, including his baby mama Briana Camille (pictured together in 2018). Ross' children are as dark-skinned as Mobetto used to be.

According to MTO News, the photos show Mobetto was a few shades darker than she is now.

Internet sleuths dug up images from Mobetto's high school days that show her dark skin hue before she started bleaching to achieve the American standard for Black beauty.

Skin bleaching is not a big deal in Africa where bleaching creams are as popular as makeup.

However, here in America, bleaching is considered taboo and a sign of self-hate.

Mobetto has not responded to the controversy.

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Meagan Good is still going with the excuse that she mistakenly bleached her skin 5 shades lighter.

Back in May, a fan remarked on Meagan's skin bleaching, writing: "Meagan looked better dark skin... She not so pretty anymore she looks average... But her dark skin was above average... Why did she Bleach."

The 38-year-old actress responded: "I didn't Queen. A (unbeknownst to me) unlicensed aesthetician gave me a product to correct a sun mark on my forehead that messed up [my] skin."

In a recent interview with faith-based, The Same Room, Meagan said, "I went to an unlicensed esthetician who convinced me that I needed to get rid of some sun damage. And a few months later, I am like five shades lighter than I actually am and it was a really traumatic experience because I really trusted the person."

Meagan claimed not to know her skin was getting lighter and lighter over time. And her husband didn't notice either.

"I kept asking her through the process, like 'Is this what's supposed to happen?' She's like, 'Oh it'll lift and it'll come back.' I got to the place of realizing I don't know if it's going to come back, I think I've been bamboozled."

When her followers started clowning her and bloggers posted before and after photos, Meagan began to feel the sting of shame.

"It was super embarrassing and super painful especially in the climate we're in as black women," she said.

"I'm over-confident when I look in the mirror, I like what I see. And to feel like someone stole that from me and to feel like I was misled and now there's commentary on it and people thinking I don't love myself, that's something I can get through but when I'm thinking about these young girls, these young brown-skinned girls who are thinking that I've changed myself and what kind of ideas are putting into their head, that just broke my heart."