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Cash Gernon's father, Trevor Gernon apologized to Cash's mother, Melinda Seagroves, for abandoning their twin sons at an ex-girlfriend's home in Dallas.

4-year-old Cash Gernon was found dead in the street on the 7500 block of Sallerdige Drive on Saturday, May 15. A coroner determined the boy had been stabbed multiple times.

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Darriyn Brown was arrested later that day and charged with kidnapping and burglary. More charges are expected pending the results of forensic evidence.

Gernon left Cash and his twin brother, Carter, in the care of his ex-girlfriend, Monica Sherrod.

In the audio, Gernon said he knew Sherrod for some time and that the two got together because they were both single parents.

Gernon departed Sherrod's home in March because he had multiple outstanding felony warrants.

He said he moved back to Houston, where he was from originally, "after an unsuccessful job hunt amongst other things."

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He left his twins with Sherrod (pictured) because he didn't want to "disrupt their routine." He did not tell the boys' mother where her sons were.

Carter has since been reunited with his mother.

Gernon said he doesn't want to turn himself in to police because he fears going to jail on the outstanding warrants.

"To make matters worse. I have to fear for my freedom, as it is the goal of some to see me go to jail rather than grieve the loss of my little boy. All I want to do is have that one thing every parent deserves: to say good-bye and be with my son one last time before I return him home".

A GoFundMe page created by Cash Gernon's maternal grandmother has raised over $12,000 to transport the child's body back to his hometown for burial.

Patty Seagroves wrote: "Please do not donate to any other GoFundMe or anything associated with Monica Sherrod."

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Dallas PD, YouTube

The father of a Dallas woman who cared for Cash Gernon and his twin brother says the boy was raped and stabbed by his abductor.

Darriynn Brown, 18, is accused of kidnapping 4-year-old Cash as the boy slept in a toddler bed with his twin brother, Carter, on May 15.

Police say Brown broke into a home through an unlocked garage door at 5 a.m. He is seen on surveillance video lingering over the bed for minutes before snatching Cash and running out of the house.

A woman jogging through the neighborhood at 6:40 a.m. spotted Cash lying in a pool of blood on a residential street and called 911.

Brown returned to the house 2 hours later to abduct Cash's brother, Carter, but he was spooked and fled without the boy.

Monica Sherrod, who was caring for the twins, told police their father left the boys at her Dallas home in March after they broke up.

She said Brown was a friend of her eldest son. However, the son told police he and Brown attended the same high school but they weren't friends.

Sherrod reportedly warned Brown, "Don't come around my kids" -- referring to her three teenage sons who lived in the home.

Sherrod waited until 11 a.m. Saturday to notify police that Cash was missing.

In a Facebook posts on May 16 and 17, Sherrod's father, Kurt Pinkerton, provided disturbing details about Cash's abduction and murder. He said Brown raped and stabbed Cash -- and the shocking crime was recorded on a friend's cellphone.

The friend, also 18, reportedly turned the cellphone recording over to police.

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Brown is charged with kidnapping and burglary -- but not rape or murder -- as police continue to review the disturbing evidence.

The twins' biological mother had been looking for her sons for an "extended period of time", according to police. She believed her sons were still with their father. The biological mom has been reunited with Cash's brother.


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A Bronx mother has been charged with abandoning her 4-year-old daughter alone on a street corner at night.

The girl knew only her name, Sidaya, when NYPD police picked her up at the corner of East 156th Street and Prospect Avenue just after midnight on Saturday.

Police released photos of the youngster along with a plea for help from the public to identify the child.

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NYPD/Crime Stoppers

When no one came forward, police released surveillance video that shows Sidaya walking behind a woman about 4 blocks away from where Sidaya was found on the corner.

At one point the little girl caught up to the woman, but the woman looked back at the child, then walked away, leaving her alone on the street.

Sidaya was wearing a sweater but no jacket in 40-degree weather.

On Monday, police arrested Sadeekah Abdul Salaam, 32, and charged her with child abandonment and reckless endangerment according to the New York Daily News.

Abdul Salaam told police she went to a homeless shelter to sleep after abandoning her child, police said.

Sidaya was evaluated at NYC Health + Hospitals/Lincoln, and found to be in good health. She is currently in child protective custody.

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Photos: Atlanta PD

A mom who abandoned her 14-year-old special needs son at an Atlanta hospital may not face prison time.

Atlanta police charged Diana Elliot, 37, with child cruelty after she abandoned her special needs son outside Grady Memorial Hospital on the cold night of Dec. 4.

Security cameras captured Elliott escorting the smiling teenager into the lobby of the hospital and then leaving the scene in a red minivan.

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Photos: Atlanta PD

The teenager, who is unable to communicate verbally, wandered outside looking for his mother after she left.

A kindhearted nurse on her lunch break noticed the boy standing outside the hospital. She escorted him back inside the hospital where he was cared for until police arrived.

"It was fortunate there was a nurse at Grady hospital, who was on her break, who went outside and happened to notice this young man outside," said police Lt. Jeff Baxter. "He needed help and shouldn't have been left like that," Baxter told Channel 2 News.

The teenager is now in the custody of the Georgia Division of Family and Child Services, according to Channel 2 News.

Elliott was tracked down by police and arrested on Wednesday. She was booked into the Fulton County Jail on felony child cruelty charges.

She told police she was overwhelmed caring for her son and her three other children.

Parents with special needs kids attended Elliott's bond hearing on Thursday. Her attorney - a parent to three special needs children himself - represented her pro bono (for free). The attorney believes the boy may have Down syndrome.

The judge said she would rather see Elliott get the childcare help she needs rather than send her to prison.

Georgia's "Safe Haven" law allows overwhelmed mothers to leave newborns at hospitals, fire stations, police stations and sheriff's offices without facing prosecution.

The law does not permit abandoning toddlers, adolescents or teenagers anywhere in Georgia.

Parents of unwanted adolescents or teenagers are urged to call DFACS, or give up their parental rights instead of abandoning their older children.

"It's rare that you see somebody older than a newborn being abandoned - it's very rare," Atlanta police spokesman Carlos Campos told WSB-TV.

"Our message is that we definitely understand that parents can feel overwhelmed by special needs children - that's something that everyone can empathize with," Campos said. "But leaving them unattended is not the proper solution. The child was found outside, cold and hungry, and that's just not an appropriate way to deal with something like this."

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Photo: Haines City PD

A Florida man was arrested after he abandoned his preteen son by the son of the road because he believed the boy was same-sex attracted.

Haines City police say Evenaud Julmeus, 30, dropped off the distraught boy in front of a closed police station with a bag that contained some clothes.

A bystander called police after witnessing Julmeus drop off the boy who was distraught and crying.

Julmeus reportedly caught his son viewing male pornography videos on his cell phone, according to the affidavit obtained by Fox News.

The victim told police Julmeus "became very upset" after he found the videos. The boy, whose name and age were redacted from the affidavit, told police his father ordered him to pack a duffel bag and that he was taking him to a police station to find a new home.

Police say Julmeus did not attempt to contact law enforcement or child protective services to inform them of the boy's circumstances.

After the boy's mother learned what happened, she went to go look for him at the police station. She left her other two minor children with Julmeus, the affidavit said.

Julmeus fled the home when police arrived, leaving the two minor children alone.

Julmeus has been charged with three counts of negligent child abuse without bodily harm and turned himself in, police said. Julmeus is being held without bond.