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Reality TV star 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' is close on the heels of America's Most Wanted fugitive Brian Laundrie, the man suspected of murdering vlogger Gabby Petito.

TMZ reports that Dog claims Laundrie is alive, and he's close to capturing him.

Laundrie's flight to avoid prosecution has gripped the nation as millions are glued to their TVs or blogs waiting for word of his capture - or at least word that his body has been found in the Florida swamp.

Photo may have been deleted


Laundrie went on the lam after his fiancée, Petito, was found deceased at a campsite in Wyoming.

He was last seen camping with his parents at Fort DeSoto Park in Florida, days before Petito's body was discovered in Wyoming on Sept. 19.

Neighbors say his parents returned to their North Point home without their son after the camping trip.

Photo may have been deleted

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Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ that Dog is heading to a remote site in Florida where he claims Laundrie is hiding.

Dog says he obtained information that leads him to believe Laundrie was alive as of 10 PM on Tuesday.

Dog is working with a team of professional bounty hunters that includes skilled ground and boat crews.

Dog's daughter, Lyssa Chapman, is briefing her Twitter followers with regular updates about her father's search.


Photo may have been deleted

The 2nd season of Dog the Bounty Hunter's spin-off series Dog's Most Wanted has been cancelled months after Duane "Dog" Chapman months proposed to his mistress during an appearance on Dr. Oz.

Season 1 aired on WGN America from September to November 2019, and documented Chapman and his wife Beth during her final days before her death from cancer last year.

The news comes months after Chapman proposed to Beth's best friend, Moon Angell, on Dr. Oz's show, but the couple reportedly aren't engaged.

Angell told Dr. Oz that Chapman "ordered" her to move her clothes into Beth's closet and to move Beth's things out. "It wasn't a negative thing," Angell said, adding that he would smell Beth on her clothes and sit in the closet and cry.

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The engagement hurt Chapman's 32-year-old daughter, Lyssa Chapman, who complained that Angell dated her brother before she started dating Chapman.

"If you went to your mothers closet and saw she moved all her clothes and replaced them with her own, what would you do," Lyssa tweeted in January.

Chapman previously denied reports that he cheated on Beth while she battled cancer and while she lay on her death bed.

The scandal proved too sordid for WGN.

A source told Britain's The Sun newspaper the show wouldn't be returning for a second outing: "WGN called Dog last week to tell him the show was canceled.

"He would absolutely have loved to make a second season of the show so is obviously disappointed,"

The couple married in 2006 after nearly a decade together. She and Duane share three children, while the 66-year-old has a total of 12 kids from four marriages.

Warrant Issed for Beth Chapman

An arrest warrant for misdemeanor harassment has been issued for the wife of Duane "The Bounty Hunter" Chapman after she was harassed by gun-toting teenagers.

Beth Chapman told the incident occurred in a Colorado park on July 10. She said she was approached by teenagers asking for autographs, one of whom was carrying a gun which was not concealed.

Beth and Dog, stars of "Beth & Dog On The Hunt," were camping with their children when the incident took place.

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