Warrant Issed for Beth Chapman

An arrest warrant for misdemeanor harassment has been issued for the wife of Duane “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman after she was harassed by gun-toting teenagers.

Beth Chapman told RadarOnline.com the incident occurred in a Colorado park on July 10. She said she was approached by teenagers asking for autographs, one of whom was carrying a gun which was not concealed.

Beth and Dog, stars of “Beth & Dog On The Hunt,” were camping with their children when the incident took place.

Warrant Issed for Beth Chapman

From UK’s MailOnline:

“This guy came over to me while I was out of my car and started saying, ‘We’re big fans and we want autographs and photos.’”

“I wanted him to get away because as he was talking to me he had one hand on his firearm. I called Duane because the guy had a gun.

“Duane was down at the lake fishing. He came up and told them to get out of here. We then called the cops on the guy with the gun, gathered our stuff and split. We aren’t going to have our kids someplace where there are firearms.”

Dog, 60, and Beth, 51, were with their son Gary 12, daughter Bonnie 14, grandson Travis, 11, and daughter Cecily 20.

The warrant has not been served because police can’t locate Beth.