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Malik Beasley thought the grass was greener on Larsa Pippen's side of the fence.

The Minnesota Timberwolves star apologized sincerely to his long-suffering wife, Montana Yao, for running off with Larsa, 46.

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Malik, 24, took to Instagram to pour his heart out to his baby mama, after leaving her and his young son for a woman twice his age.

He shared a throwback photo that showed his family after his son was born.

Malik wrote:

"I [want to] say sorry for putting you in the situation you were put in the last few months.. my head wasn't [where] it was supposed to be.. I was looking for more when it was right here that whole time."

He added:

"I'm telling the world and you that there's no body like you for me.. for the record I was the one who ended my last relationship off the fact that there is no one like you."


Montana was "blindsided" and "shocked" when photos of Malik holding hands with Larsa went viral last year.

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Larsa, ex-wife of former NBA star Scottie Pippen, is pictured posing with her brand new Ferrari. Malik confirms the mall photos were staged by Larsa to hurt Montana.

"also for the record i wanted to do my own ish cuz I just left u guys and I def ain't the type to set up pictures at the mall n ish .. as that's some childish ish and I'm trying to grow individually and grow a family .. a real family .. I ain't looking to be judged I'm looking for forgiveness.. To forgive me for hurting my family the way I did. At the end of the day I'm a lover boy and I miss holding y'all and loving y'all.. I love you mu shi .. I love you kai Kai .. my family over thing..."


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Basketball great Scottie Pippen is in mourning following the death of his 33-year-old son, Antron Pippen.

The Chicago Bulls legend shared the heartbreaking news with fans online on Monday, April 19, revealing his firstborn, Antron, had passed away on Sunday.

He didn't offer up any specific details about Antron's cause of death, but explained he had always "shared a love for basketball" with Antron.

Antron's hopes of becoming a basketball pro himself were derailed by his health.

"Antron suffered from chronic asthma and if he hadn't had it, I truly believe he would've made it to the NBA," Pippen tweeted. "He never let that get him down, though - Antron stayed positive and worked hard, and I am so proud of the man that he became."

Antron, who played basketball for Texas A&M International University and South Georgia Technical College, was Pippen's only child with his first wife Karen McCollum.

He continued, "Please keep his mom, Karen, and all of his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers. A kind heart and beautiful soul gone way too soon. I love you, son, rest easy until we meet again."

Pippen also shares four children with his second ex-wife, Larsa Pippen, as well as two daughters from previous relationships.

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Larsa Pippen (left) Googled her current boyfriend, Malik Beasley, before she met him. The 46-year-old Cougar insisted the 24-year-old NBA player and model Montana Yao were already separated before he and Pippen started knocking the boots.

"We had spoken about it. It wasn't a secret," she said on Saturday's episode of Hollywood Unlocked.

"A lot of people are not happy in their situations and they don't want to jump ship until they see someone they like," Pippen explained. "You don't want to just shake your kids up because you might never meet someone that you actually like. You’re in a state of living in the same place, but not really together."


Yao filed for divorce from the Minnesota Timberwolves player in December. They share 23-month-old son, Makai.

Yao previously accused Beasley of cheating on her with Pippen, which the former "Real Housewives of Miami" star denied.

Pippen admitted she Googled Beasley prior to dating him and said she found out "they had issues before" she met him.

"[Their breakup] had nothing to do with me, so I wasn't thinking anything about it," Pippen said. "If you spent a minute Googling their situation, it wasn't the ideal situation way before me."

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Larsa Pippen is eager to unload her Fort Lauderdale mansion for $12 million. She's so eager that she's throwing in her collection of luxury automobiles valued at $1.5 million.

The 46-year-old former "Real Housewives of Miami" cast member originally purchased the double lot with her ex-husband, NBA star Scottie Pippen, for $1.3 million in 2000 and completed the home in 2004. They divorced in 2016 after 19 years of marriage and 4 children together.


Larsa got the house in the divorce settlement. She listed the home on the market for $11.8 million in 2014.

When the home failed to attract interest, she threw in her collection of cars -- all 2020 models -- including a Porsche 911 GTU RS, a Mercedes G63 AMG SUV and a Ferrari 488 Pista, according to Page Six.

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The 10,000-square-foot mansion, at 2571 Del Lago Drive, is in the guard-gated Harbor Beach community. It features a bridal staircase that was designed by Larsa.

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The estate boasts luxury amenities, including a home theater, game room, a gym, a 450-bottle wine cellar, an outdoor summer kitchen and a full-size NBA basketball court.

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The six bedroom, ten bathroom custom house comes with 215 feet of frontage on the Intracoastal Waterway — with a 230-foot deep-water dock for a superyacht.

Whoever snaps up the estate will also get membership in the exclusive Harbor Beach Surf Club, a private 300-foot beach with its own marina.

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Nowadays, Larsa luxuriates in her jacuzzi with 24-year-old Minnesota Timberwolves star Malik Beasley.

Larsa has been criticized online by Malik's ex, Montana Yao (pictured below), who claims Malik hasn't seen their son, Makai, because Larsa isn't part of the Timberwolves' "COVID bubble," according to reports.


Larsa insists she didn't start dating Malik until after he and Yao had separated. But Montana claims that's a lie.

On Feb. 9, Larsa defended Malik after he was sentenced to 120 days in jail for threatening violence for pointing a loaded firearm at a family that pulled into his rental driveway by accident.

Take a tour of Larsa's luxury estate below.

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Savannah James responded to reports that her 16-year-old son, Bronny James, was romantically linked with 46-year-old Instagram influencer Larsa Pippen, simply because he 'liked' one of her pictures.

The rumor was allegedly started by a blogger who noticed Bronny "liked" one of Larsa's photos. Savannah, a grown woman who rarely addresses gossip, was not feeling the comments about her teenage son on the internet.

"With everything going on in the world right now, this is the s--t y'all talking about....," Savannah wrote on her Instagram Story.

"At the end of the day y'all are talking about a minor. I don't care what type of 'celebrity' y'all think he is, he's a child and the bulls--t needs to stop. Y'all got the right one."

It all started when sports blog Black Sports Online reported that Bronny "liked" one of Larsa's Instagram photos and sent her a direct message. It was the "direct message" lie that got under Savannah's skin and prompted her to issue a correction -- Black mama style.


Savannah, 34, and Lebron James, 35, share three children, Bronny, son Bryce Maximus, 13, and 6-year-old daughter Zhuri.

Larsa is best known as the wife of NBA legend Scottie Pippen and mother of his 4 children, Scottie Jr., Sophia, Justin, and Preston. They announced their divorce in 2016.

Larsa hired publicists to make her internet famous. Their efforts paid off and she was paired with the Kardashian Klan on some episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Larsa also appeared on The Real Housewives of Miami.

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Malik Beasley and his estranged wife Montana Yao are back in the headlines.

If you recall, charges were filed in September against the Minnesota Timberwolves guard and Yao after cops found drugs and loaded weapons in Beasley's rented mansion.

Beasley was also charged for pointing a loaded rifle at a couple and their teenage daughter who pulled into their driveway after they mistook Beasley's rented mansion as part of the annual Parade of Homes tour on Sept. 26.

Now Yao claims she was "blindsided" when she saw paparazzi photos of Beasley and Instagram cougar model Larsa Pippen together.

Friends wonder why Yao was blindsided when he moved out of their home weeks ago.

Beasley and Yao have been married for 9 months, and their marriage fell apart after the charges were leveled against him.

The 24-year-old NBA star apparently sought solace in the arms of Scottie Pippen's 46-year-old ex-wife.

Montana Yao, 23, is in the process of filing for divorce.

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Larsa Pippen has denied creeping with serial cheater Tristan Thompson behind Khloe Kardashian's back.

This should come as no surprise to Khloe, who dumped Tristan after he was caught on camera kissing a groupie two years ago.

Larsa, who is best known as former NBA star Scottie Pippen's ex-wife, was in the blogs after reports claimed she dated Tristan while smiling in Khloe's face.

Larsa, 46, denied the reports in a podcast interview, saying she knew Tristan before Khloe even met him. Larsa said Tristan wasn't her speed, so she let Khloe have him.

"I was kinda seeing Tristan before Khloe. Before Khloe or any of them knew he existed. I was seeing him. I had him come to LA. I brought him to a party Kim had. I introduced him to all of them. Then a week later, or 10 days later, he started seeing Khloe, which is fine. I don't even care. It's whatever."

Larsa and Scottie share 4 children. They divorced in 2016.


Kim Kardashian unfollowed former bestie Larsa Pippen because the two women grew apart.

Rumors swirled that Kim unfollowed Larsa because she slept with her sister Khloe's baby daddy, Tristan Thompson.

But sources tell TMZ the women unfollowed Scottie Pippen's wife because they just aren't as close as they used to be.

Larsa's name was dropped by Kim's husband, Kanye West, who went on a bipolar outburst on Twitter this week.


The "Gold Digger" star cryptically wrote "Larsa" in one of his tweets, and his followers noted that Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian had all unfollowed the former "Real Housewives of Miami" TV personality on Instagram.

According to TMZ, Kim quietly stopped following Larsa on Instagram at the end of last year when she made a decision to unfollow everyone. The move brought her follow count down to zero.

The source said Kim thought she needed a fresh start by following only accounts of her closest friends, family and childhood friends. At the time, she re-followed Larsa.

Scottie, Larsa and Sophia Pippen


Larsa and Scottie Pippen and the Kardashians were good friends, even making appearances on episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

But Kim's followers noticed this week they weren't following each other on Instagram anymore. TMZ's sources say the ladies' friendship simply grew apart over time.

"We're told there was no drama between Kim and Larsa -- and the rumors floating around LP messed around with Kanye and Tristan Thompson are not true."

Kim is focused on getting Kanye healthy -- although she has tried for years to get him healthy with no luck.

She also has her 4 young kids to raise, while juggling law school studies and her 3 businesses.


Larsa is still followed by Kim's sisters Khloe and Kourtney (pictured left) on Twitter.

Larsa, meanwhile, says she's not worried about Kim unfollowing her because she is focused on her own kids, her new fitness line and her other "relationships in real life."

While no explanation has been given as to why Kanye tweeted her name, Larsa, who has also unfollowed the Kardashian siblings, addressed recent headlines in an Instagram Story on Wednesday, writing that she prays "everybody finds peace."

"I woke up this morning blessed and see that everybody is focused on who I am following and who I am not following on social media," she wrote. "I am focused on my children, my new fitness brand Larsapippenfitness, and my relationship in real life."

She concluded: "Praying that everybody finds peace in their own lives and focus on what brings them happiness."