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Larsa Pippen says she’s “embarrassed” and “traumatized” by NBA legend Michael Jordan’s rejection of her relationship with his son, Marcus, 32.

Two media outlets asked Michael if he approved of his son’s relationship with his former teammates’s ex-wife. Both times he responded with an emphatic “No!”

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However, Marcus claims he knew ahead of time what his father’s response would be — and he was told not to take it the wrong way.

“We knew ahead of time because he called me and texted me and wanted to make sure that I didn’t take anything the wrong way,” Marcus said during the July 11 episode of their “Separation Anxiety with Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan” podcast.

“But then when the article came out, he texted me again and he never said ‘hell no’ and that’s not what the implications were.”

But Larsa didn’t get the memo that Michael was only joking. Her response to Marcus showed the first crack in their armor.

“You thought it was funny?,” Larsa asked Marcus. “I didn’t think it was funny. There is nothing funny about it.”

Larsa, 49, further explained that she was “embarrassed” by Michael’s rejection.

“I kinda felt like it went everywhere, and I was kind of embarrassed,” she said.

“I think people started to think that — online they were saying that I was lying, that I lied and said that our parents are fine because I was doing interviews and saying both of our families are fine. When I would say that I felt like I didn’t embellish that.”

Despite her hurt feelings, Larsa said she understood Michael’s apparent unwillingness to accept their May-December romance.

“I do understand that it’s not awkward for us to be together because it’s us, but it probably is awkward for my ex and your dad because they have their own relationship or whatever it was,” she told Marcus. “I wasn’t a part of that, you weren’t a part of that. So, I feel like for them it probably is weird, it probably is weird for your dad. I can’t be mad. I understand.”

The Real Housewives of Miami star filed for divorce from Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen in 2018 after 21 years of marriage and 4 children. Their divorce was finalized in 2021.