Word has reached my ears that Hip Hop’s “Diamond Princess” Trina is going around Miami introducing NBA star Kenyon Martin as her new boyfriend. This must be news to his wife and baby mama Heather Martin. I hadn’t heard that they got a divorce. Which probably explains why Trina’s name is nowhere on the invitation.

My sources tell me Trina is busy organizing a big New Year’s bash (which also doubles as her new boo’s birthday party) at a spectacular mansion in Miami. Believe me I tried to get in there to get all the exciting shots for you but I was informed Trina already hired “a camera crew.”

If you’re thinking about heading on down there, you should be aware that the event is invite-only. I’m told Kenyon is flying all his NBA and Hip Hop pals down to Miami. Hardly anyone outside of his tight circle of friends are invited. So the only way you’re getting in is if you are on the arm of a baller.

But there is another way you can attend: Trina is going to great pains to make sure this NYE bash goes off without a hitch. So to that end, Trina has taken out ads on Craigslist and Ethnicity Talent advertising for models who are willing to put up with NBA ballers and rappers feeling them up all night for $200-300.

Of course, this is all hush hush and you didn’t hear it from me.

Trina “The Diamond Princess” & Kenyon Martin NEED MODELSModels needed to host new years party in Miami.

Submit your pictures to the email above and selected submissions will be redirected to the event website.

Good Luck!!! (Source)

Remember Ohsoadd who posted this video on YouTube in response to B. Scott‘s gettin’ dirty to Janet’s “Feedback”? Well, he’s back and he’s pissed. His name is Michael and he wants my readers to know he is a gay man – not a tranny boo boo.

Michael wants to correct my statement on why your men don’t come home at night. He makes sense but sometimes a woman can do everything right at home and her man will still creep.

Oh, and I want to welcome B. Scott to my blogroll! He emailed me today and I told him I am a big fan of his. Double kisses B. Scott!

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Congratulations are in order for the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige whose brand new album GROWING PAINS lands at #1 on the Billboard R&B charts scanning an impressive 629,000 units.

She came in at #2 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums chart. (Source)

Jada Pinkett Smith will be honored during Essence magazine’s 1st Annual Black Women in Hollywood Luncheon during Oscar Week on February 21 in Los Angeles.

The event will honor three of Hollywood’s finest who have helped to change and inspire positive images of Black women in television and film — both in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes.

Jada Pinkett Smith, will be one of the three African-American women honored during the event, and will receive an award in the Film category.

The other honorees will be announced at a later date. (Source)

The photo circulating the Internets of former Miss USA and successful actress and author Kenya Moore in a wedding dress is from a scene in a movie called “Haitian Nights” currently being filmed in LA and Haiti. Remember, if you don’t see it on Sandrarose.com it probably isn’t true.

From a press release:

Kenya will play the role of Nadine Casey, a beautiful and accomplished MBA who has developed her own cosmetics line. She captures the heart and eye of Rudolph L├ęzard, a high-powered and successful Haitian American Attorney and business man. Once married, Nadine discovers Rudolph was unfaithful during their courtship with the daughter of a Voodoo Priest. Although kind, strong, and compassionate, Nadine’s love for Rudolph is tested as she battles for her life and her love for her new husband when they try to destroy the couple.Director Marc Cayce adds, “I’ve been trying to get Miss Moore on one of my films for years now. As our leading lady, Kenya brings a certain unexpected refinement and dignity to the character and to the film. She has fierce drive and determination to take direction well and make great choices that drive the character. She loves creating many complicated and interesting layers for her role. I believe this project will really highlight how much she has grown as an actor. She’s amazing!”

Barry L. Florence and Katena Keno

Raz B finally recanted his vicious allegations against his former manager Chris Stokes. No doubt he feared being sued for libel, slander and ruining a man’s reputation. I’m sure the producers of their reality show didn’t want to be sued either.

Let this be a lesson to you all that you can’t believe everything you hear. The moment you heard the words “reality show” you should have known what was up. If Raz B was in a court of law he would be found guilty of perjury. There was NO evidence to support his claims and he didn’t go to the police with his allegations because he knew he was lying!

How does going on YouTube benefit child victims of molestation? You don’t go to YouTube with serious allegations such as this, you go to the police.

Raz B is a troubled young man who has made outlandish statements in the past. And because of his prior actions, he has zero credibility. I am dismayed that so many of you got caught up in this lie especially when you consider the 2nd video was edited to make Chris sound like he was confessing.

None of you questioned why they edited out the part leading up to what he said. Thank God none of you are working as prosecutors – you would put a lot of innocent people behind bars.

Honestly, if I were Chris Stokes I would go ahead with a lawsuit against Raz B and his brother for defamation of character.

The very first celebrity home featured on MTV Cribs was the Buckhead digs of Jermaine Dupri who sold it and moved into another Buckhead manse in 2003. Boxer Vernon Forrest bought the home but he has since moved out and put it back on the market. The 5 bedroom, 7 bath house can be yours for only $1.6 million.

Don’t have the cash to buy it outright? You can make a modest $320,000 deposit and your monthly payments would only be a mere $7,624.


Darrius Miller, a well known local celebrity trainer to such stars as Ciara, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Takeyo Spikes and Terrell Owens, is hospitalized in a coma after being viciously beaten by a gang of thugs. The beating occurred in the early morning hours of Wednesday outside popular restaurant D’Jangos.

Police say about 7 members of a group calling themselves 01 Entertainment attacked Miller, 41, as he walked Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin‘s daughters Kai and Kali Franklin, and 2 other women to their car. Witnesses say the men came out of Verve nightclub and began videotaping the women who protested the taping. The men responded by calling the woman derogatory names.

Mr. Miller attempted to intervene when the men turned on him and beat him unconscious. According to witnesses, the women pulled the attackers off of Miller while other men stood watching but did not offer assistance. Mr. Miller went into cardiac arrest upon arrival at the hospital. Celebrities such as T-Boz and Keisha Knight Pulliam visited Mr. Miller who is on a respirator in ICU. Doctors think Mr. Miller may have sustained brain damage.

Visit Darius Miller’s Myspace page.