Ex-supermodel Naomi Campbell is featured in the new Spring/Summer 2008 Louis Vuitton ad campaign. In the vividly colored ad, Naomi is stretched out on her back on the hood of a 1970 Dodge Challenger. In keeping with Louis Vuitton's standards; nothing matches - not her lipstick, gloves, heels or coat. Louis Vuitton rarely uses black people in their major ad campaigns, so this is a coup for Naomi.


I just heard from an inside source that Yung Joc is on his way to Cleveland. Apparently there was a mix up by Joc's attorney who advised his client that he did not have to make a personal appearance before the judge this morning.

The attorney, who is based in Cleveland, apparently believed he could make the appearance for Yung Joc at his arraignment.

Yung Joc has been advised that if he makes an appearance before the judge later today, the arrest warrant will be waived. There is still the matter of Joc's bond which is now $200,000.

The Yung Joc saga is growing more bizarre by the minute. Rapper Yung Joc, real name Jasiel Robinson, was a no-show at his arraignment hearing in Cleveland today on felony charges of carrying a concealed weapon.

Yung Joc was arrested on Sunday morning at a security checkpoint at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport after a loaded gun was found in his carry-on bag. Yung Joc was detained just as he was about to board a Delta Airlines flight to Atlanta. Joc was released on $50,000 bond on Monday.

I spoke to his manager Rico Brooks last night by phone. Rico told me Joc was at home with his family (yesterday in Atlanta) enjoying the holidays and that his label advised Joc not to make any comments to the media. Of course I reminded Rico that I am a friend - not the media.

Rico promised me he would talk to Joc about speaking with me - as he was going to be with him today. Rico didn't mention a court hearing today. A Cleveland judge issued a warrant for Yung Joc's arrest following the missed hearing, and Joc's bond was revoked.

This is so out of character for Joc and I am at a loss to explain how these set of circumstances could happen to such a nice guy. Associates of Yung Joc say his travel bag was packed by someone else and Joc had no knowledge of the gun.

But what about the persistent rumors that Joc's camp and T.I.'s camp are at odds with each other following T.I.'s arrest on weapon's charges in October? Word is the bodyguard who snitched on T.I. to the feds was referred to T.I. by someone in Joc's camp.

Hopefully everyone had a joyful Holiday. I bought my mom a TV for Christmas and my niece is here from Jamaica so she helped me assemble the TV stand before the delivery guy delivered the TV. We had Big fun this Christmas.

The same can also be said for the Clifford "T.I." Harris household. T.I. released this video to give a Christmas shout out to all his fans - and to deny the rumors of artists jumping ship at his label. "Contrary to popular belief, there is nobody jumping ship off Grand Hustle - that is unless they wasn't built to be on Grand Hustle in the first place," said T.I. in a video posted on his Streetcred.com social networking site.

I'm told T.I. is in the Christmas spirit this year. He personally decorated not one, but 3 big Christmas trees in his spacious Jonesboro home this Holiday season. As his children play in the background, T.I. says he assembled all the toys and bikes for his kids with his own hands. Something he has never done until this year.

As you know T.I. is under house arrest with strict rules limiting the number of adult visitors to 3 at a time. But there is no such restriction on children. So T.I. can have a house full of kids whenever he wants to - and he often does as celebrities bring their children over to play with T.I.'s kids.

Shout out to Tiny who will make a doctor's visit next month where "someone" will learn the sex of her baby! Also big shout out to Zonnique ('Nique 'Nique) I heard you! :) Merry Christmas to T.I., Tiny, Zonnique, Diane and everyone in the Harris and Cottle families!

Art Conrad hung a Santa from a cross in front of his Washington home, to make a statement about the commercialisation of Christmas.

"Santa has been perverted from who he started out to be," Conrad said. "Now he's the person being used by corporations to get us to buy more stuff."

A photo of the crucified Santa adorns Conrad's Christmas cards, with the message "Santa died for your MasterCard".

I guess you could say the monkey is off Def Jam's back. After 3 years of wasteful spending and lackluster sales performance, Jay Z has resigned his position at Def Jam. Of course I told you this months ago. Word is LA Reid is not far behind him.

Both albums released by Jay Z on Def Jam have performed poorly and the rapper himself said numbers don't lie. The writing was on the wall after Jay Z was exposed as a deadbeat dad who refused to acknowledge his own son Isa who was born to a video extra.

Jay Z was credited with bringing producer-turned-rapper Kanye West to Def Jam and introducing pop princess Rihanna to the masses. But Jay Z's personal success has been disappointing. Jay Z said his album "Kingdom Come" was "too sophisticated" for his fans. But his concept album "American Gangster" also failed to catch on with fans selling only about 784,000 albums after 6 on the charts.

The 40-year-old rapper hasn't revealed his future plans. "It’s time for me to take on new challenges," he said in a statement. Jay Z still owes Def Jam 2 more albums but if he signs with another label, the remainder of his contract with Def Jam could be bought out.

A lot of readers are emailing me angry about my views on the Raz B/ Chris Stokes controversy. Let me remind you that I am free to have an opinion on my own blog. In my opinion, Raz B is a major manipulator who has made other strange accusations in the past.

In this video, Raz B has a heated verbal exchange with his former manager Chris Stokes - the man who he is accusing of molesting him. Yet in the video all you hear is Raz B screaming on Chris for escorting his mother out of his apartment. In the same breath he invites Chris to have lunch with him. Does a victim of molestation normally ask his molester out to lunch?

Unless I missed something, I did not hear Raz B accuse Chris of molesting him or anyone else in this video. Also in the video you hear Chris saying "I do not do that anymore." That statement is too vague. Chris could be talking about anything. When I hear this from Omarion's mouth I will believe it. Raz B is just too shaky to believe.

Sad news: Rapper Yung Joc was arrested yesterday morning for trying to pass through airport security with a fully loaded gun. The Grammy nominated star tried to get the weapon through a security checkpoint at Ohio's Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on Sunday (23Dec07), according to police.

The hip-hop star, real name Jasiel Robinson, is currently being held at Cuyahoga County Jail under firearms charges, but he may also face charges under the Air Piracy Act.

Photo: Sandra Rose/Sandrarose.com

AG Entertainment's Christmas party was held at the beautiful Luckie Restaurant & Lounge in downtown Atlanta. Celeb guests included Akon, Goodie Mob, Jermaine Dupri, Dallas Austin, Cee-Lo, Sarah Chapman, and more. Click to see more pics.

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