Beyonce Knowles caused quite a stir at the Emporio Armani, Autumn/Winter 2008/2009 fashion show in Milan yesterday. The striking beauty kept hundreds of paparazzi waiting for an hour before she finally appeared and took her seat in the front row with her boyfriend Jay Z and her former band mate Kelly Rowland in tow.

Beyonce looked amazing wearing an Armani dress under a black leather coat which match her plentiful black curls, and her favorite shoes by Christian Louboutin. Bee’s flesh colored makeup and lipglass looked natural yet elegant with just a hint of mascara and eye liner. Every woman in the room was envious of Beyonce who some accuse of going for the Kim Kardashian look now that Rihanna has stolen some of her thunder.

Kelly Rowland was gorgeous as usual and her new single “Daylight” is set to dominate the charts. Bee, who stars in ads for Armani’s latest scent Diamonds, enjoys immense success with her House of Dereon line. Beyonce also turned heads when she showed up at Versace’s show later that evening. But not everyone is happy with the current trend of rappers and other non-designers starting clothing lines.

“There is so much sloppiness out there,” said Giorgio Armani, chatting with reporters backstage at his minimalist Milan headquarters. “It’s time to put some order into fashion, starting with gender,” Armani said.

Dolce&Gabbana, one of the hottest labels in trendy menswear, also called for an end to fashion overdose, at a pre-show chat with the press.

“What’s happening in fashion is like inviting someone to dinner and stuffing them with double helpings. By the time desert comes around they can’t look at food anymore,” Stefano Gabbana said.

See more pics of Bey in Milan at Fashion Week.

Photos source: Wiremage/Getty, JustJared and INF

  • mrswatson

    You must have copy/pasted this from somewhere….NEVER have i read this many positive remarks about Beyonce on your site! she does look hot though, i like the darker hair…Rhianna will never be Beyonce :-)

  • J Gats Juice

    dang Mrs. Watson… U stole my post!!! I was gonna say the exact same thing! I had to check to make sure I was on….. Sandra r u sick, hon?

  • Dr. 90210

    I’m proud of you Sandra! This must be a part o your new years resolution (being positive). But seriously i’m tired of Beyonce. I mean okay we get it, she is beautiful, she is talented, blah blah blah. Can we hear news on other artist? She hasn’t had a song out in a minute. So can we please retire her at least until she comes out with a new album.

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  • mrswatson

    LOL@ J Gats Juice….Right!! it has to be a copy/paste, or maybe she is being nice because the Jay E post that turned into a Monica/Beyonce post, they are complaining how Sandra defends Monica but bashed Beyonce….

    Sandra, usually you stand your ground on Beyonce,don’t change your tune now! *i knew u secretly loved her* LOL

  • Tmekio

    Who gives a Ratz Azz?…..THE END..

  • meme

    Someone tapped into Sandra’s computer and wrote those good things about Beyonce’. She’s going to freak out when she find out. lol


    what site am i on? does sr have a troll?

  • niastar

    OMG people!!! Lets mark this day in history. Beyonce was not referred to as Beyaki or BeYAWNce and there wasn’t any bad remarks. Except for that Rhianna comment but ehh, who cares. Rhianna couldn’t hold a candle to B. Lets all give Sandra a round of applause for this small step of maturity. GONE GIRL!!!

    Let me quit.

  • free

    sandra, you forgot to mention how she and jay looked so in love. jay couldn’t keep his eyes off of her and their body language spoke nothing but love and togetherness.

  • brenden

    LMAO @ the shocked comments. Pot shots were taken at Beyonce…stolen thunder…the Kim Kardashian look. That’s why it was ok to post Hey I think she looks great. Kelly looked even better. I think its funny how the reporter said shes going for the kardashian If she aint in front of a video camera getting pissed on by Brandys brother then I beg to differ. Kim’s an attractive woman don’t get me wrong, but I doubt Beyonce wants to look like or be associated with any of the oh so wonderful things that come along with being a Being famous for nothing, sleeping around, having nude under aged pictures. That only works for the ‘others’ we would never be able to pull that off unscathed.

  • shhhh

    She looked like a fish with a wig and nappy roots in that first pic, lmao! Damn, I’m sick to DEATH of her tired a** can we get a plane crash or something soon. oops!

  • micca

    B looks GREAT!!! :)

  • licia

    ^^ lmao @ shh. a fish with a wig and nappy roots? lmao she could have slapped a bit of gel on that thurr top part . smooth it out and lay it down bey . lmao

    i can’t get down with the plane crash stuff though . i dislike her but not enough to wish anything that.

  • licia

    anything like that .

  • Dr. 90210

    That fish in a wig comment is too much! Some of you guys should be writers because yall are pure entertainment to me. I’m not really for that plane crash thing either though!

    You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.
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  • ATLien

    U know dang well that ain’t nobody accused B of going for the “Kim Kardashian” look…LMAO!

  • J Gats Juice

    yall know sandra is bein super sarcastic… i swear she’s gonna get the under-cover hater award for this one….

  • HouseOfMilan

    My God Sandra,

    Are you OK. I hope you are not feeling ill or anything. It has to be something, because you alwasy have strength to put this woman down. LOL, are you sure you are ok?

  • LB

    i take back what i said about the dark hair. it looks good here

  • brenden

    @ atlien I hope they aint accusing Beyonce of trying to be Kim Kardashian. That’s not an easy thing to achieve! It requires a large amount of booty injections, piss resistant hair, and countless hours of kegel

  • tbrown

    Pretty, she is, but that foundation is about three layers thick. WHY? She doesn’t need that much! :) Also, you should post pics of Kelly. That young woman IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve seen pics of her at the event and she is truly stunning! :)

  • tina12

    Sandra, you’re killing me! I had to double check to see if I was on the right blog! Anyway, Beyonce, Jay, and Kelly looked absolutely fab in Milan!

  • Bsoul

    LOL at all of your comments!


    uuuuuuuuhm okay. so is Sandra off for the day??? i’m trippin’. Who wrote this…my sentiments to other commenters exactly! you called her Beyonce and not beyaki or that other thing you call her. wow. i’m happy. yes stop hating Sandra…and by the way…Rihanna is cute yes and stylish but no one can do it like Bey on stage homie! Also Bey does look fab without makeup….i saw the other pic you posted of her behind Jay-Z.

  • key

    I don’t know what’s going on, or if Sandra Rose has hired someone new to take her spot for the day!!! But you were actually pleasant with your comments which is a breath of fresh air. You even spelled her name right and complimented Beyonce and Alicia Keys. Stop you most have a new love in your life or lost a gang of lbs.(weight)? Who knows but I think you should keep it up. Especially how you defended Monica when people were hating on her you told them to see both sides of the story which is exactly what you should have been doing. I mean Beyonce true stays in the spotlight, but give credit were credit is due, she is what she is a megastar, like on some Marilyn Monroe. Beyonce is going down in history, sorry babe

  • 2Unruly

    Sandra could not have written this…I think she has staff members now. This is not her writing style. But it’s still a good article.

  • ms.peaches

    Ok this is the 2nd time Sandra has bit her tounge to say something actually decent about Beyonce, not Beyaki, Beyonce!! WOW it must be a new year!! Sandra was that your new year’s resolution to stop hating on Bey & Jigga & everybody else that is hot on the scene!! Bless her Lord!! lmao cause I know this is all BS I give her a week!!

  • kat

    ya’ll are so slow….sandra is being sarcastic. don’t let her fool ya’ll!

  • dj_dceezy

    Beyonce is whats up! Ya’ll playin’!!!

  • Bird

    OK my bad on the Alicia post. Now that I see this one, I know Sandra is being funny. If I wasn’t sure at first, when she said that a Kelly single would top the charts I knew she was joking. I know I got a laugh out of it.

  • milly

    Sandra are you feeling ok today??? I’m a lil worried girl lmao you are being really nice with these articles today

  • milly

    ooo and I forgot to mention I like that wig shes wearing lately…Its fierce!

  • 2bme


  • Irene

    Beyonce’s shoes are Versace, NOT Christian Louboutin.

  • Lyzmariah

    OH NO!!!! Sandra don’t do this…we’re not used to u being nice to Beyonce at all… LOL.. Beyonce looks nice, but am not sure about the dark hair. BTW Rihanna didnt steal anything from Beyonce…the problem here is Rihanna is the next ‘Beyonce’…so to speak. And in that regard, would be her competitor.. Rihanna is young, has the looks and another 10 years to perfect her art. Beyonce is about to reach retirement age..

  • tbrown

    Her makeup in that first pic has a greenish hue. It looks extremely thick.

  • 2thick4u

    The Kim K look…damn that was a low blow (literally):)!!!!

  • musicisourhigh

    She looks nice with the natural makeup look.

  • vbillings

    I dont see any resemblance of Beyonce and Kim K. Rhianna and Beyonce are nothing alike. Beyonce is a beautiful woman. She is very talented and I feel she deserves her props. Not that Rhianna is not beautiful but i do not feel they are in no ways alike.

  • ReadTheBlog

    Who wrote that paragraph about Beyonce – certainly NOT SANDRA ROSE!

  • Cookilicious

    The most important piece of this new is what was said by Armani and Gabbana regarding fashion. I’m offended by their comments. What Armani and Gabbana are really saying is that black fashion entreprenuers invading our territory with their trash. That is why we should really think about our purchasing power. We as blacks have buying power that the white establishments wants and wants to control. We actually have pure buying power. So, stop buying Armani, Gabbana, Versache, etc. They don’t care about us as a people they just want our money. They don’t cater to our needs. Their statements are calling people like Beyonce, Diddy, Jay Z fashion trash.

    Get your minds right people!

  • Goliano

    “Rhianna will never be Beyonce”

    She doesn’t need to be.

  • Tiffochris11

    “The Kim Kardashian Look” …That trick doesnt have a look! shes a nobody! so she made a sex tape big whoop! Beyonce doesnt have to look like her! shes “B” and you can hate her or love or but shes doin her thing and i cant hate!!! and as for Rhianna….PLease!